Ageless Male-Review

Written by Rita C. Hartman on January 3, 2017
bottle of Ageless Male supplements

In keeping with its name, Ageless Male promises to take older people back to their gilded youth by raising testosterone levels and imparting other benefits as well. While age-related decline is undeniable, the question that begs answering is as to whether the product will benefit every old person who ingests the pill.

About the Product

A consensus has emerged among pharmaceutical companies that a gradual decline in testosterone levels is at the root of health problems suffered by most males. This has resulted in a rush for testosterone supplements. Some typical symptoms corroborating testosterone decline are loss of lean muscle, irritability, lessening of one's sex drive, weight gain, a declining ability to focus, erectile dysfunction, and a persistent feeling of fatigue throughout the day. Anybody suffering these symptoms is a target customer for Ageless Male.

How it Works

The company promises to bring back the vitality of your youth with a safe combination of ingredients including natural testosterone. Among other benefits promised are weight loss, muscle gain and hair re-growth, the last named benefit claimed to be fulfilled by getting your DHT to level off. Several prospective buyers have stated that they would like to have the claims backed scientifically by a clinical study or an independent review. Products of this type do not often have medical reviews done to back them; nor can you expect the FDA to accord its approval or even deign to attempt validation of the claims. There might be young men who feel that their testosterone levels are lower than normal; such people must consult their doctors before venturing to try any purported cure such as Ageless Male. One of the ways the company creates a buzz about the product is to project their figurehead, Dr. Rosenstein, 55, who is said to have used the product, himself, to remarkable effect.

How Much it Costs

This is not an over-the-counter product and is best bought on the company's website. A month's supply will cost you $40 and three months' dosage is priced at just $80, thereby resulting in a substantial discount.

How You Make it Work

The commitment level needed is comfortably low, with pills required to be ingested in accordance with the recommended dosage. The additional energy you derive should enable you to do more gym work outs and generally increase your exercise and activity level.

Final Review

Ageless Male is not for those who suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes, unless your doctor permits it. The natural ingredients in the product could hurt your body with unusual side effects. Though natural ingredients are considered safe, they are highly concentrated in this product and that's why you need to be careful. The company does not reveal all of the product's ingredients although on its website, it discusses them briefly: Saw Palmetto berry is extracted from Serenoa repens and combined precisely with the carotenoid astaxanthin from Haematococcus to form Re-Settin®, which is the active ingredient in Ageless Male. While natural ingredients are not expected to have any dangerous side effects, you would still need to consult your doctor to ensure that there are no drug interactions that could harm your body. Many reviewers consider Ageless Male to be a scam calculated to take away money from people. But a closer look at the nature of complaints reveals that users are unhappy with the ordering process rather than the product. As with many purchases on the internet, a pre-programmed auto-renew process leads to auto-shipping if you don't take the trouble to call the company and cancel your order. You might order a month's supply and forget all about it only to discover later that your credit card has been charged for another month's worth of Ageless Male. So make sure you understand the ordering process before you go ahead and try Ageless Male. That way, you could avoid being charged for a repeat order you didn't make. Another difficulty is encountered in finding reviews by users. Even if somebody found the product to be effective, he might not want to admit that he had low testosterone in the first place. The effectiveness of Ageless Male varies from person to person as different people are likely to respond differently to the natural ingredients that make up the product. You will only know how effective or otherwise the product is by actually trying it for yourself.