Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on October 20, 2018

My Snoring Solution-Review

For those looking for a solution to a chronic snoring problem, My Snoring Solution offers hope in the form of a chin strap device designed to keep your mouth shut, during sleep, while opening your air passage so as to allow easy breathing. But is this solution based on science, or is it just a gimmick?

About the Product

The nature of the problem is that others sleeping in the snorer's vicinity are almost equally afflicted owing to the snoring sound that's likely to keep them awake. The snorer himself is possibly afflicted with sleep apnea and its concomitant health problems.

How it Works

The company, which makes several claims in its website, seeks to demonstrate the efficacy of its product by using the positive results from a study that involved 10 people. Apart from snoring, the product is also being claimed to cure Obstructed Sleep Apnea thereby saving hundreds of dollars for those afflicted who might otherwise have spent the money visiting doctors. The company's product is a mask-like device that facilitates breathing by forcing air into the wearer's lungs. The strap is claimed to be light and comfy so as not to interfere with your sleep pattern. The company claims that even when you are not asleep, the device when worn will in no way hinder talking, breathing or drinking. The company derives publicity on the back of the desperation of people seeking cures for snoring, whether they themselves, or others, are the afflicted ones. While there are some companies who sell products created, with all sincerity, to resolve the problem, there are others who are just fly-by-night operators out to make a killing in the short run.

How Much it Costs

A two-pack order of My Snoring Solution will set you back by $130, and that must be considered a premium price despite the fact that it includes shipping. The two sets you order can be of different sizes, or of the same size, and that is the minimum order accepted, according to the company's website. The company offers a 90-day guarantee period that has attracted criticism and is said to involve a 25% fee for product disposal. Which means that if you were to return a two-pack, you might have to pay as much as $40, including shipping.

How You Make it Work

The nature of the product has made the company a target for criticism. There is a need to getting used to the headgear before you are certain it won't interfere with your sleep pattern. On the flip side, the device is unlikely to come undone while you are sleeping.

Final Review

The device resembles a chin strap and the company doesn't bother to explain how this strap is superior to other chin straps on sale. Instead, the company relies on studies conducted in Japan and the US to justify the product, though many of the studies relate to sleeping disorders rather than to My Snoring Solution, and hence does not serve to justify the company's claims regarding the product. There have been negative reviews from users who report to have felt no change since they began to use My Snoring Solution. The product has also raised eyebrows among sleep specialists who fail to see how the device can cure sleep apnea. Those specialists recommend studies at sleep clinics to establish the nature of the disorder before looking for a solution. This product does not meet our unqualified approval. Even among users, My Snoring Solution has not met with universal approval, with a large number choosing to return the product and facing the problem of getting a refund and having to pay the $25 return fee. Many positive reviews are apparent shills. My Snoring Solution is not the ideal remedy for a sensitive sleeper. For instance, not everyone will be able to get used to wearing the strap or feel comfy enough to be able to sleep well. While there's no denying the strategy behind it, the concept that a shut mouth will reduce snoring is refuted by real life examples. Communicate to us your own personal experience of My Snoring Solution and what you think about the product.

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