Written by Geoffrey S. Blunt on August 2, 2018
bottle of Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer

Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer - Does It Work?-Review

What is Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer?

Athlete’s foot is annoying and uncomfortable but it is quite common. If you are suffering from athlete’s foot, you may be experiencing uncontrollable itching, cracking between the toes and burning. The following review is for a product called Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer. It is a dual-action formula for fungus prevention and soothing relief. Made using only top quality and natural ingredients, including the key antifungal ingredient Undecylenic Acid with the concentration of 25%, which is the strongest available for topical use.

Ingredients & How it Works?

The following ingredients were hand picked by doctors after thorough research.

All of the ingredients work together to eliminate your athlete's foot while bringing you soothing relief from the itching and burning. Menthol, Aloe Vera, Camphor Oil, and Tea Tree Oil are all cooling agents that help reduce the itching and burning. Vitamin E helps to hydrate the skin and prevents inflammation. The oil blend soothes and moisturizes the skin.

Daily Serving

It is suggested by the manufacturer to apply the liquid directly on the affected area, using the brush provided, three to four times a day. Research Verified has established this dosage based on what clinical studies have found to be the most effective. This Research Verified review explains more about Research Verified's manufacturing process and why they are a top-quality brand.  

The Cost

There are many different prices available online. One bottle costs $48 (a 31% discount off the retail price). The most popular seller is a package of three bottles which costs $98 (a 53% discount) and the top selling package of six bottles costs $142 (a 66% discount).


The manufacturer is so sure that this product will work, that it offers a full year money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this product, you can return any bottles, opened or closed for a full refund. We found a lot of positive customer reviews online. A lot of customers reported that their symptoms were greatly relieved after using Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer for a short while and that their fungal infection was cleared quite rapidly.

Our Review Summary of Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer

We have found that  Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer is an excellent product. We liked that it is a dual-action formula that fights fungal infections and brings relief. We also liked that it has top quality and key ingredients that target the fungal infections that cause athlete’s foot. There are many pricing options for you to choose from, which in today’s economy is a great thing. It has a great money back guarantee for an entire year. This is more than enough time and then some to find out if this product brings you the results that you were expecting. It also seems that customers feel the same way, judging from the great reviews we read online. We highly recommend using Research Verified Athlete's Foot Killer to eliminate your athlete’s foot!

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