Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on August 3, 2018
bottle of Research Verified Nitric Oxide

Research Verified Nitric Oxide Booster - Does It Work?-Review

What Is Research Verified Nitric Oxide Booster?

This is a review of Research Verified Nitric Oxide Booster, a top product that has changed the norms of the supplement industry. This product claims to have the best combination and dosage of the most effective and clinically potent nitric oxide enhancing ingredients. Tested by a number of third parties to make sure that the product is of high quality, Nitric Oxide Booster has been a success. In that wave of success, we decided to carry out research to find out what this supplement has that makes it a top brand.

Ingredients and How It Works

The key ingredient in this product is the amino acid called L-Arginine (1680 mg) which the body converts to nitric oxide, a compound that dilates blood vessels for increased blood flow.

Other components added to enhance the performance of the primary ingredients and also facilitate fast post-workout recovery are:

  • L-Citrulline - 480 mg
  • Beetroot Extracts - 75 mg
  • Pine Bark Extracts - 30 mg
  • Quercetin - 3 mg
  • Common Oat Extracts - 3 mg
  • Bullhead Extracts - 15 mg
  • Fenugreek - 30 mg
  • Eurycoma Longifolia Extract - 30 mg

Daily Serving

Research Verified recommends a dosage of 3 capsules 30 minutes before starting your workout. You can also take an optional 3 capsules in the morning. When not training, take the three capsules during breakfast and another optional 3 capsules with the evening meal.

The Cost

Research Verified Nitric Oxide Booster retails in a variety of packages from single bottles to a six-bottle supply. On the manufacturer's website, we found a single bottle selling for $48, saving you 31% off the regular price. This bottle contains 90 capsules, a month's supply. We found that multiple purchases were rewarded with huge discounts. The purchasing options are:

  • Purchase a 3-month supply for $98, saving you 53%.
  • Buy a 6-month supply for $142, saving you 66%.


Research Verified offers one of the best satisfaction guarantees in the industry. The manufacturer is confident that this Nitric Oxide Booster will work in your favor. For that, the product has a solid one-year money back guarantee. If the product fails to meet your expectations, Research Verified accepts the return of both used and unused packages even for those who purchase in bulk.

Our Review Summary Of Research Verified Nitric Oxide Booster

At the end of this study, we found out that Research Verified Nitric Oxide Booster is one of the most established amino acid supplements in the industry. The product has a risk free 365-day trial period and 100% money-back guarantee. Research Verified offers excellent customer service. To facilitate secure checkouts the company employs the service of a leading and reputable insurer called Norton that protects purchases against online fishers and other malicious deals, ensures timely delivery of orders, and offers the lowest prices for commodities. The company is committed to giving you quality supplements that facilitate the production of nitric oxide for enhancing muscles and increasing performance while keeping your body lean and also increasing testosterone. Every ingredient is handpicked by a team of qualified doctors and researchers based on clinical trials and scientific data. Research Verified conforms to the rules and regulations stipulated by the FDA, and it is also cGMP certified. If you want a weight loss and general health booster that is backed by a functioning consumer satisfaction guarantee, try Research Verified.

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