Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on October 21, 2018
bottle of research verified ringworm killer

Research Verified Ringworm Killer - Does It Work?-Review

What is Research Verified Ringworm Killer?

This review of Research Verified Ringworm Killer will provide you with all the necessary information to decide whether this is the right product for you. With its high-quality ingredients for ringworm treatment and its multi-action formula to clear fungal infections but also provide relief, we know you will not be looking elsewhere.

Ingredients & How It Works

25% standardized Undecylenic acid is the exact amount needed to get rid of ringworm. All the other ingredients are natural and not synthetic and they are primarily pure and found in the clinical studies. All of them focus on different aspects of treating fungus. For example, lavender oil has antifungal properties, jojoba oil hydrates and soothes the skin, tea tree oil is a strong antiseptic, and chia oil has a high fiber content that prevents further yeast from overgrowing. This reduces the chance that other infections will occur.

Daily Serving

Users should apply the formula to the affected area using the applicator brush to easily coat the area. This should be done three to four times a day; in the morning, afternoon and evening. The product is only to be used externally and should not be swallowed. You should also be careful not to get the product in your eyes. If you develop a rash, stop using the product.

The Cost

Ringworm Killer is sold as a one-month supply for $48 per bottle. Research Verified also offers bulk buying options which will help you save money. You can buy a three-month supply for a total cost of $98. You can also purchase a six-month supply for a total cost of $142, which lowers the cost per bottle to $24, saving you 66% off the total price. After much research, we can tell you that this price is competitive with other products in its range.


Research Verified has one of the highest rated guarantees in the manufacturing business. While most other companies will offer a 30 or 60-day refund giving the clients very little time to see if the product works, Research Verified provides a 365-day satisfaction guarantee. We like their integrity! You can read more about Research Verified's integrity in this full Research Verified review.

Our Review Summary of Research Verified Ringworm Killer

Ringworm Killer by Research Verified has excellent reviews. Customers are praising how fast and efficient it is working, how it is better than any prescription given by a doctor and much more. We like their excellent service and extended trial period of an entire year. Moreover, their ingredients are natural and provide the exact source of standardized Undecylenic Acid that will eradicate ringworm. We trust this product and its research and think it is a product worth buying.

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