Written by Tim A. Davis on July 12, 2018

Smoke Away-Review

There are several products to help you quit smoking. Smoke Away is considered a product with a difference, in what is clearly a crowded market. Quitting smoking is a tough challenge for those addicted to the habit and kicking the habit is considered as evidence of will-power, especially in the corporate world. But is Smoke Away worth the buzz it has created? In this review, we take a close look.

About the Product

The decision to quit smoking is one of the healthiest you can make for yourself and those who have your welfare at heart. Scientific research has proved that the lungs are given a chance to repair themselves when you opt to give up smoking and stick to the decision for a long time. This by itself should induce you strongly to try and kick the habit. The company that makes Smoke Away claims it is America's number one product in its category. This is corroborated by taking a look at the comparative sales figures of the companies that offer such products; Smoke Away has sold millions of kits leaving no room for doubt as to what is being claimed. The company also claims to have been manufacturing and selling the product for more than a decade which, by itself, speaks for the credibility of the product, in the eyes of end users. Additionally, the company states that its product uses neither nicotine nor any other toxin. Thus, Smoke Away does not involve doing away with one habit, and leaving you with another. The FDA is said to have approved the company's lab, which serves to add a little more weight to the company's claims and intentions.

How it Works?

Smoke Away is a holistic solution that not only has pills but also includes homeopathic medicines, a motivational CD (audio) and some reading material. Unlike other products that have just a tincture or a pill or a lozenge or a gum, Smoke Away has many dimensions to it.

How Much it Costs?

The price of the product is one of its selling points. The product sells for $60 and comes with some optional additives that cost $26 and when you add shipping of $10, you will be required to pay a total of $96 for the whole package. The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee to give prospective buyers the assurance that they are not being scammed out of their money.

How You Make it Work?

It is possible that you have tried to quit before, and failed. In that case, you will recognize the need for commitment on the part of the smoker to make any product work. The fact that you are willing to consider such a product as Smoke Away reveals your recognition that you need help in achieving your objective.

Final Review?

The physical addiction to smoking is just one aspect of the problem. There is also a psychological aspect. This is one of the few products that recognizes that aspect. It does so by including literature and audio assistance to motivate you with the right messages to help you stay the course. Additionally, this is an American product, with over 10 years' recognition in the marketplace, that comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Smoke Away gives enough reason to raise our confidence in the product because of the holistic nature of the product. Apart from being a basic product with herbal ingredients, Smoke Away also has a homeopathic component to it that can help you when the symptoms become very severe. Apart from that, the manufacturer also gives motivational support in the form of an audio CD and some reading matter. These are intended to keep you in a positive frame of mind towards the goal you are trying to achieve. If you are serious about quitting smoking, this is a product you should try. Smoke Away is a comprehensive package that has earned the confidence of customers, over a long period of 10 years, something none of its competitors can claim.

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