Raspberry Key: A healthy way to lose weight.-Review

Written by Helen M. Stanton on January 28, 2017
bottle of Raspberry Key supplements

"In our honest opinion, we are really impressed with the way Raspberry Key works to increase the body's metabolism and promote healthy all-natural weight loss. We were very happy with the fact that the product is all-natural, safe and helps the body metabolize glucose and burn fat. We found many claims by medical doctors that Rasberry Ketones are a very safe and healthy way to lose weight. We looked into this product and found some very positive things about it and feel we can highly recommend this product for weight loss."

Raspberry ketones are sweeping the world as a new natural weight loss supplement. This is the substance that actually gives red raspberries their smell. The promising thing about this substance is that it is not FDA approved, however it is on the FDA "safe-list" and generally has no side-effects or drug interactions. It can make your body metabolize fats properly by utilizing the norepinephrine in the body to stimulate fat burning. This substance in red raspberry ketone raises the body's level of, adiponectin, that helps the body burn fat and keep glucose levels under control and very little of this substance is found in over-weight people. This debate continues, but reported side-effects from this are few to none. They just issue cautions among people with thyroid disease, high blood pressure, asthma and diabetics. The stimulant and hormonal effects can be risky in these populations and as always with any supplement, you should check with your doctor before using Raspberry Key.

What is Raspberry Key?

Raspberry Key is a new weight loss product on the market that targets lipids and glucose in the body. The company claims that this product has the highest levels of high quality red raspberry ketones available on the market today. They also claim the purest product without any added stimulants or ingredients to "dilute" the raspberry ketones. Also, this product is created from 100% Fresh Raspberries and not synthetic ketones made in a laboratory. Raspberry Key is made in an FDA Registered laboratory and this means the company is held to some pretty strict standards with their products they produce. However, we just want to clear up the fact that this does not mean their product is FDA approved. The product is also United States Pharmacopoeia Certified (USP), so it meets even further standards for an all-natural product. These are some steep claims, so we decided to check this product out even further. We like to give products a thorough review through research of all claims. We look at the website, the ingredients and the consumer reviews to give you a full picture of what you might be buying.

How Raspberry Key Works?

The active ingredient in Raspberry Key is raspberry ketones. This substance causes the body to release nor-epinephrine and adiponectin in response to fat and increases fat burning. In a sense, this is a natural stimulant that raises the body's metabolism. Use caution if you have certain diseases such as; high blood pressure or thyroid disease. Adiponectin can also lower glucose levels and help stabilize blood sugar. So, it is important to also use caution if you are diabetic. The laboratory that makes Raspberry Key, uses a technique to extract the highest amount of raspberry ketone extract on the market. The company claims that it is 100% pure without fillers or added stimulants. They also make the capsules in a higher dose, so you take less capsules and that can save you money. The other health benefits of raspberry ketones are; eliminating free radicals, memory improvement, improved heart and circulatory health, better blood sugar levels and decreased incidence of Type 2 Diabetes. We were impressed with how pure the product really is and all of the health benefits you can get from it besides weight loss. We loved the informative website, the customer service, the shipping and the money-back guarantee. We were pretty much sold, but we thought to ourselves, "how much does it cost?" This is always the clincher with products such as these, so we checked.

How Much Does Raspberry Key Cost?

We found Raspberry Key to be a bit on the pricey side compared to some others, at about $50 per bottle of 60 capsules. But, the deal here is the capsules are stronger than most so you will take less of the product than other brands. The company also offers a very generous discount starting with a 2 bottle purchase saving you about $60. You get 2 bottles for $69.90 and the discounts increase the more you buy, even offering free bottles. Raspberry Key offers a great 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee with their product and they will refund your money less shipping and handling if you are not satisfied with it. This makes us feel a whole lot better, since it is a lot of money to spend on something that is not right for you. You can always try it and send it back. No questions asked!

Raspberry Key Final Review

Overall, we were impressed with the new and innovative weight loss product. We saw the reviews, the recommendations by doctor's and weight loss experts and we did a review ourselves. Aside from the price, this product is truly the most high-quality raspberry ketone product found on the market. No added fillers or stimulants, reducing the side-effect potential and increasing the weight loss component of the product.