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May 21, 2017

Many smokers who decide to quit smoking often don't know how to go about it. They need help to be able to ensure success in accomplishing their commendable objective, as quitting is certain to give them a host of health benefits. But whether subscribing to Zyban is the right way to do it is what we are going to take a close look at. About the Product Zyban is a trademark, referring to the generic drug called bupropion, owned by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a major pharmaceutical corporation....

Zero Nicotine

Zero Nicotine-Review

April 27, 2017

Giving up smoking is not the easiest thing to accomplish and Zero Nicotine promises to help you do precisely that. The company claims to have a nicotine-free patch made of natural ingredients that will help you quit your long-standing habit. About the Product Zero Nicotine is supposed to do the necessary work when you stick the herbal patch to an area of your body as recommended by the manufacturer. The patch is supposed to contain several ingredients that include licorice root, alfalfa,...

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Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins. A, B, C - they cover most letters of the alphabet. There literally is a vitamin for almost every letter. The great thing is that these vitamins all do different things for us. But out of the plethora of vitamins out there, just which vitamins should we be taking?Let’s cover the all important B vitamins - Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. We’ve all heard about how important they are right? Well, we found a supplement that goes way beyond a complex B-multivitamin....



June 8, 2017

The advent of Viagra set off a male enhancement trend that shows no sign of abating. Predictably, many product manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon, all making the same promise, thereby making it hard to differentiate one from the other. About the Product This is another one of myriad products targeting the aging baby boomer generation. With age comes a host of common problems followed predictably by products that claim to be able to solve them. Products like Vitrix and the many other...


Supersmile Whitening-Review

October 28, 2017

A top drawer dentist created Supersmile and the company uses this as its USP in its promotion. Although this is not the biggest brand around, it claims to be able to give you whiter teeth -- in a short duration -- that will last you well into the future. About the Product Most competitors of Supersmile offer short-term whitening solutions that don't take into account the cause of staining of your teeth. Also, they don't concern themselves with the possibility of your teeth getting...


Stop-It Smoking is a product you are bound to come across when looking for a nicotine-free remedy to stop smoking. In this kit, you are required to combine tablets and lozenges. In return, you will suddenly develop less need to smoke as well as an urge to quit. About the Product Stop-it smoking claims that it only contains nicotine free ingredients that are natural. Every remedy that you can use at home always has it share of positive and negative reviews from users. This stop smoking kit is...


Smoke Deter-Review

October 26, 2017

When you decide to quit smoking, you do it for the general good; for you, and everyone else around you. There are a lot of health implications that come with smoking, yet, more and more people are taking up the habit every day. There are so many places offering smoking privileges today.The downside is that it just encourages the habit. Starting the habit is easy. It becomes a problem when you finally decide to quit smoking. The longer the time you have been smoking, the harder it is to quit....


Smoke Away-Review

May 9, 2017

There are several products to help you quit smoking. Smoke Away is considered a product with a difference, in what is clearly a crowded market. Quitting smoking is a tough challenge for those addicted to the habit and kicking the habit is considered as evidence of will-power, especially in the corporate world. But is Smoke Away worth the buzz it has created? In this review, we take a close look. About the Product The decision to quit smoking is one of the healthiest you can make for yourself...


Rembrandt Whitening-Review

October 21, 2017

Most people have heard of Rembrandt whitening which is less expensively priced than many of its competitors. An average consumer would like to have whiter teeth but not have to pay too much to achieve that objective. So there's a good chance that such people will consider Rembrandt for its favorable pricing policy. About the Product Rembrandt is among the rare teeth whitening systems that are available for purchase off the shelf at supermarkets and grocery stores, rubbing metaphoric...


Pola Whitening-Review

November 30, 2017

Pola whitening is a teeth whitener that is not available on store shelves. The company claims that its product is a professional whitening solution that you can use both at dentists' offices and as a DIY kit at home. About the Product There are two types of teeth whitening systems available on the market. First, there are the ones dentists use in their clinics while the second are the DIY variety meant to be used at home. The advent of technology is blurring the division between the two...