Written by Helen M. Stanton on April 16, 2018
Zero Nicotine

Zero Nicotine-Review

Giving up smoking is not the easiest thing to accomplish and Zero Nicotine promises to help you do precisely that. The company claims to have a nicotine-free patch made of natural ingredients that will help you quit your long-standing habit.

About the Product

Zero Nicotine is supposed to do the necessary work when you stick the herbal patch to an area of your body as recommended by the manufacturer. The patch is supposed to contain several ingredients that include licorice root, alfalfa, slippery elm, eucalyptus, ginger root and peppermint. The patch helps rid your system of nicotine, going by the company's claim, using the properties of the ingredients which will also help overcome withdrawal systems after you have kicked the habit.

How it Works?

Nicotine patches are considered as being among the earliest successful cure for the smoking habit, with a large number of people said to have benefited from using a patch. Zero nicotine has devised its method around a proven method and replaced nicotine in it with natural ingredients. While some natural substances -- such as a tincture spray below your tongue -- have been known to help kick the smoking habit, we are not sure whether patches are the ideal delivery vehicle.

How Much it Costs?

On its official website, the company offers one month's supply of Zero Nicotine, for $59.95, with 2, 4 and 6 months' supply priced respectively at $109.95, $179.95, and 239.95.

How You Make it Work?

The Zero Nicotine patch is meant to be applied to the skin which is left to absorb the ingredients over a three-day span. This appears to us to be a very slow delivery process. Also, direct contact of the patch with your skin could result in redness of your skin at the place of contact with the patch. You might, therefore, prefer to locate the patch in a place that's not visible, taking due care to change the location on subsequent applications of the patch.

Final Review

The company initially used to offer a free trial during which they collected the subscriber's credit card details and billed them for a month's supply of Zero Nicotine. The offer is no longer there but the mode of operation raises a few questions about the manufacturer of Zero Nicotine. The company does list the ingredients used in Zero Nicotine on its official website but it is impossible to know about the concentration levels of the ingredients used or how they could react with your skin. There are also those who claim that they wouldn't mind burning and scarring if the product actually worked and helped them to quit smoking.

Last Word

Real user reviews have ranged from very positive to very negative, with all the shades in between. The reviews on the company website don't carry much credibility, given that the company invites reviews and promises a free six-month supply of Zero Nicotine to writers of chosen testimonials. Nobody who bites this bait is likely to write a bad review of the product; similarly, the company is also unlikely to publish a bad review. While there are users who claim Zero Nicotine helped them quit the habit many decades after they began to smoke, there are also those who claim their skin was so badly burnt by the patch that they couldn't use it long enough to be able to see whether it helped accomplish the promised objective. When the promoters of Zero Nicotine decided to use natural ingredients, they were on the right track, as using a nicotine laden patch would only work to keep the nicotine for a longer duration in your system. However, a large number of real users say Zero Nicotine doesn't deliver on its promise. You can try Zero Nicotine if nothing else has worked for you. Though, if your skin is the sensitive type, this one might not be for you. The irritation might cause you to remove the patch before it begins to work.

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