Written by Joshua J. Haley on July 18, 2018
book of the 17 day diet

17 Day Diet Plan-Review

If you are that person who loves fast solutions, the concept behind this 17 day diet plan might be one worth looking into. Usually, a good number of diet and physical exercise plans require their users to commit to a minimum of 30 days, with others even going up-to 90 days. The founder of the 17 day diet plan, however, says that 17 days short days is the time the body requires to cleanse, and then you lose weight.

Can it be true?

The issue of losing weight is one many people look into. People will always try out new diet programs as soon as they come to the market. Many people always come up with a new gimmick or a new product angle that always seems to provoke the curiosity of the masses as far as weight loss is concerned. Diet loss programs are very easy to hype, simply because a large number of people are desperate to get that body they only dream of. Any program that promises to give an easy and quick solution to weight is sure to get the attention of many, and this is why there are products like the 17 Day Diet and 8 Minute Abs.

What is the 17 day Diet?

It is a book whereby the author claims that you simply need to commit 17 short days in-order to see significant results in regard to weight loss. Making it work You simply need to be committed to this program for 17 days. Most people claim that committing to the 17 Day diet is simple because it is too short, but this is still not long enough for one to form a given habit, and this in many cases takes roughly a month to instill. If you have dreams to get any results as far as losing weight through the 17 Day Diet is concerned, you have to strictly follow it word by word and submit to all it recommends.

The Cost of the 17 Day Diet

If you make an order through Amazon, the normal price of this book is roughly $14. It has a couple of positive reviews at Amazon. However, these reviews leave much to be desired. It is evident that they have been manipulated to a large extent by its author. At present, its not impossible to get quite a number of reviews for a book you have authored, on Amazon. It is important that you do not make your decisions basing on these reviews.

Final Review

The Hype for different programs targeted towards losing weight is literally high. No individual wants to be left behind in knowing about the next breathtaking program. It is simply a, a feeling that you are the only person who knows nothing about this plan, hence you will be left out as others reap the benefits of this great program. The 17 Day Diet is not left behind in regard to hype. Any program that promises users results this fast is simply something begging for buzz. Additionally, the author makes frequent talk shows, and this simply adds to what is obvious of him. Through these shows, it is plain obvious that he tries to get as buzz about this book as possible. It is a plain way of making easy wealth by selling a large number of the books. He claims that this scheme is sustainable, that a dieter will continue losing weight even after the 17 days are over. He also claims that an individual can carry on the eating habits indicated, even after the 17 days have passed. These are, however, claims that have a high likelihood of being untruthful. Do not expect to learn anything new in this scheme. It simply entails the same old dieting tips and meal combinations you have been familiar with for at least the last ten years. The whole program has one selling point, and this is its packaging, then the marketing that has been used for its promoting. Mike Moreno is the author of this book, and there are other men who feature in the book's testimonials too. However, its cover that is bright pink makes it seem as it's targeted to women. This is a scheme that might give you as the user some short term results, and quite a number of women are sure to purchase it with dreams to fit in that dream dress for a given date. However, you can achieve results, and safer ones, from adopting a more sensible approach. You do not have to use your body to experiment, whether getting tangible weight loss is possible. You won't lose much by ignoring the 17 Day Diet especially if you have tried another weight loss program in the past ten years. Our recommendation is that you take the correct foods, sleep enough and exercise regularly. These are the simple things you need to do on a daily basis, and you won't need to worry whether programs like the 17 Day Diet work.

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