Written by Helen M. Stanton on June 19, 2018
author bill phillips and his book body for life

Body for Life-Review

Bill Philips, the creator of Body for Life, first conceived of it as a book that eventually turned out to be a bestseller. The program has been augmented with a website carrying information aimed at helping subscribers to the program to begin using it to their benefit. This is done with the aid of instructional videos and "before" and "after" pictures of people who are said to have successfully implemented the program.

About the Product

Body for Life is a three-pronged initiative to give you the body you want. The first part concerns itself with diet. The book outlines the ideal diet regime you must follow if you want to achieve your objective and the website augments this with an authorized list of food items that go into making the ideal diet. The second part involves weight training, with recommended exercises and lifting methods highlighted in the book. The third part involves cardio exercises that are different from anything you might have encountered before. In combination, the three are designed to induce weight loss, muscle building and fat burning to give you the perfect body.

How it Works

The author claims that you can transform your body within 84 days by following his Body for Life program. The 12-week long program typically starts on a Monday, with weight training, accompanied by the eating of six meals a day, as per the recommendations. On Tuesday, it's time for cardio, and a continuation of the diet plan. The program goes on till Saturday after which you take a break, on Sunday. On that day, you don't exercise at all and are free to do what you want and eat as you like. The website has many "before" and "after" pictures of people who have built perfect bodies ostensibly by using the Body for Life program, though it's quite possible that they don't owe their bodies to just the one program such as Body for Life.

How Much it Costs

This is not an expensive program; the book is available in used bookstores if you don't want to visit an online retailer to buy a new one. You can also get initial impetus by visiting the official website. If you are so inclined, you could also buy pre-packaged meals, supplements and Myoplex from the website but those are not mandatory for you to get started on the program.

How You Make it Work

There is a certain commitment level required to make the Body for Life program work for you. The author's quote, 'finishers win and winners finish" seems appropriate considering that you can see positive results only if you stay committed for 8-10 weeks.

Final Review

Staying the course has definitely helped, according to real user reviews. One such user says that while the results were not as "jaw-dropping" as advertised by the program promoters, there was still a discernible difference for the better. Bill Phillips's book is devised to motivate you to get you off your haunches and it succeeds in doing that. He emphasizes the mental aspect of launching yourself on such a journey and his credentials as a success coach show through even as he works to prepare you mentally with strategic tips that you can apply to every aspect of your life. As in every phase of your life, success comes when you have clarity of mind and are able to focus on the goal you want to achieve. The Body for Life workout system is devised to teach you from scratch abut the proper techniques to adopt that will lead to muscle building, beginning with lighter weights and 12 repetitions. As you increase the weight, the number of repetitions comes down, progressively, to 10, 8 and finally 6. The Body for Life cardio involves just 20 minutes' exercise whose effects will last a whole day. A light warm up is followed by a gradual building up of intensity before slowing down again towards the end. After three repetitions, followed by an intense final minute, you are through with it. While the eating system is not complicated, you could find it a bit tedious to have to rustle up six different meals a day. While you might replace an odd meal with a shake, Myoplex is a possible substitute as recommended on the official website. It all boils down to combining a protein and a carb with every meal; add some vegetables to one or all the meals and your diet plan is complete. The Body for Life program is based on ingesting fewer calories than spent; additionally, muscle building is done to raise your metabolism. To that end, it is bound to work, if you adhere religiously to the principles.

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