Written by Geoffrey S. Blunt on February 8, 2019
hand using bender ball

Bender Ball-Review

It is becoming a trend, the urge to get ripped abs, sexy and slim bodies. Everyone wants to get leaner muscles, and that's the reason why people are going to the gym to get those things achieved. Home is the best place to workout, if you do not have ample time to do the workouts at the gym. Regular crunches are very popular ways of exercising when it comes to exercising from home. The Bender ball is an alternative that people are now going for, after getting no results with the usual crunches.

About the Product

Pilates and abdominal exercises are what the Bender ball facilitates. The ball is of a 9inch in size, and it can be inflated. Leslee Bender is the masterminds behind the ball. You have to use this ball if you are going to get any achievement with the Bender fitness method. The ball comes with a video for instructions on how to perform the exercises. As you work on the abs, the ball will come in handy in facilitating movement. The good thing about the ball is that, unlike the crunches, you are able to flex forward and backward. It is presumable that, with that in place, you are sure of working on all muscles quite well.

How it Works

The creators of the bender ball state that, you get 408% exertion of the abdomen as you work out. Abdominal fats have been greatly reduced thanks to this ball; this really makes the ball seem reliable. The bender ball has this creation of intensity that is immense compared to the other kinds of big balls in the market. Instead of using the bigger balls, people have been advised to go for the bender ball as it is the best when it comes to abdominal exercising. Regardless of these claims and promises, there is still some room for doubt on the effectiveness of this ball. There is definitely more questioning that needs to be done clearly ascertains the effectiveness of the ball. The bender balls are only famous because Leslee bender is the one who created it. She is the spokeswoman to the product; she has a hot body, one that every woman would love to have. A misconception that people have is that, the ball helped her achieve that. Anyone can do a workout. There is a way that Leslee bender is appealing to the old and young plus the ability to perform those workouts makes everything seem effective.

How much it Costs

The price of the ball is $ 13 and $8 for shipping. If you have decided that this is your next workout solution, you can get this product in the website. The Bender Method Manual will be provided together with a DVD on Bender Method Workouts. $19.99 is what you have to pay for the DVDs which need to be purchased twice in a month. The shipping fee for these is $6.99. If you are not keen, you will have lost so much money all in a month. You can choose not to go for that order option which is done through a simple call to the customer care representative.

How You Make it Work

Some of the experts have tested if the claims of the makers of the Leslee Bender Ball are true. They did abdominal exercises using different methods. They used the standard floor crunch, the bicycle exercise, crunches on a large exercise ball, crunches on a round, 4-inch diameter piece of foam rubber, and crunches using a standard 9-inch playground ball as a comparison to the Bender Ball. There are experts who have gone ahead to check out the authenticity of the Leslee Bender Balls. Exercises such as all round crunches, crunches, floor crunches, bicycle exercises and exercises with a larger ball, so as to compare them to the Bender ball. The exercises were preferable with an exception of the bicycle and floor crunch exercises. The difference of the larger exercising ball and the smaller one was very minimal. The said 408% on abdominal swiftness when exercising was proven wrong. The notion about getting results spot on was disapproved.

Final Review

To be honest,  the bender ball is effective alright. The super hyped features of what it does are the ones that a bit wanting. You will not need a lot of effort with this ball; you will perform your exercises much easily and comfortably. Unlike other exercising items, the bender ball is great for offering support on the backside as you do your abdominal exercise. For that dream body that is already etched in your mind, you can use the ball. A consistency in the program provided, and a strict diet, lots of water and a good lifestyle will earn you a good body just like Leslee Bender. A combination of all these will not fail you.

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