Written by Diana M. Lowe on May 4, 2018
Research Verified Review - Why a 5 Star Review?

Research Verified Review - Why a 5 Star Review?

'Be Healthy' seems to be the world's new motto. Everywhere you go there are messages about avoiding fast food, and exercising at least half an hour a day and drinking plenty of water. In the past few years, these messages have had a positive impact. People smoke less, drink less, and have managed feats such as lowering their blood-pressure, and cholesterol levels. (1)

While all those are good ways to improve one's health, many people still aren't getting enough nutrients. A balanced diet is important when it comes to getting the necessary nutrients into your body, however, it's not always that simple, and people continue to struggle to meet the daily nutrition recommendations. One solution to this problem is taking a dietary supplement.

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The health benefits of dietary supplements are still heavily debated. The World Health Organization considers supplements to be a magic wand. The organization believes that supplements are a great way to get the necessary nutrients and to improve overall health. However, a professor at the Yale School of Public Health's Division of Chronic Disease Epidemiology claims that a balanced diet is much more beneficial than taking a vitamin supplement. (2)

However, despite the continuous debate, one-half of Americans take a dietary supplement. (3) Multivitamin supplements account for one-sixth, or 40%, of all supplement purchases. The number of people taking dietary supplements increases with age. By the age of 70, 48% of women, and 43% of men are taking dietary supplements. (4)

Clearly, supplements are important. Unfortunately, dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors don't have to get FDA approval to make, and sell, supplements. It's up to the firm to make sure its products are safe, are not misleading, and follow FDA regulations. (5) However, firms can easily skirt around regulations and easily mislead consumers.

For example, many manufacturers will advertise that their products are made from natural ingredients, which may make consumers assume that those products are safe to use. However, being natural is not synonymous with being safe. Sometimes supplements contain natural ingredients, such as comfrey or kava, which have been known to cause liver damage. Since the FDA doesn't regulate supplements before they hit the shelves, often manufacturers will omit ingredients and other information about the product. (5)

Right now you're probably thinking, how am I supposed to take dietary supplements if I can't be positive the manufacturer isn't lying to me? It's a daunting question, and with the number of supplements out there, trying to find a safe supplement can quickly become overwhelming. However, don't despair; there are trustworthy companies out there.

We have found one company that dedicates itself to being a trustworthy source and provides a variety of dietary health supplements. That company is called Research Verified. They are a bright light in a sea of darkness.

What is Research Verified?

Research Verified is a company that is dedicated to providing safe, trusted, and beneficial dietary supplements to their customers. The company satisfies consumers' needs by providing high-quality products at an affordable cost. (7) You should read some of the Research Verified reviews we found which confirms what we already know, that this company is one of the good guys when it comes to nutritional health supplements.

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Research Verified is able to live up to its promise of selling top-notch supplements because it has a team made up of researchers and scientists backing their products. They take the time to research the ingredients they use and jump through every hoop necessary to make sure their products follow FDA regulations. The team looks at clinical studies, in order to determine the potency and dosage that make their products effective. They also research the highest-quality ingredients and review the Certificate of Analysis for every single one of their products. They do this to make sure their products are not contaminated with harmful bacteria such as E. coli, S aureus, and Pseudomonas, yeast, and mold. (8)

Can Research Verified Be Trusted?

The quickest answer is a simple, yes. Research Verified and their products can be trusted. They are safe, they are reliable, and they work. However, we understand not wanting to just take our word for it without any evidence. Therefore, we have done extensive research to prove that Research Verified is a reliable company. We were able to find a wealth of Research Verified reviews that showed us the way when we came to assess these guys - they confirmed what we already knew, Research Verified are a great company. 

Research Verified Has Partnered with BuySafe

BuySafe is an online third-party company. Their goal is to protect consumers from online identity theft, provide consumers with a purchase guarantee, and to make sure consumers are getting the lowest price possible for genuine products. (9) By partnering with BuySafe, Research Verified is guaranteeing that their products are safe and that it is safe to purchase products off of their website.

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Research Verified also gets all of their products approved by QualityTrusted.org. By getting approval from QualityTrusted.org, Research Verified is assuring customers that their products are made from the best ingredients, follow FDA guidelines, and are cGMP certified. (10) Consumers can rest easy knowing that QualityTrusted.org has given their approval for each and every one of Research Verified's products.

Research Verified's Products Have Top-Quality Ingredients

As already mentioned, Research Verified takes every measure necessary to ensure their products are made from the best ingredients. They research every ingredient and test the purity, potency, and source of each ingredient. They also research the ingredient dosage needed to make each product effective. Research Verified only quote clinical studies. All the information they provide is backed by scientific research.

Research Verified also believes in being honest with their customers. Therefore, the ingredients they list on their product labels are all the ingredients used in the product. There are no secrets or mysteries. They provide a copy of all their labels on their website, so consumers can see what they're getting before they actually purchase a product. According to reviewcritic.org: Research Verified's trust in their quality control is evident since they put all of the ingredients on the product label so that the consumer can get a chance to see what they're consuming and have faith in what they're purchasing. (11)

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Great Guarantee Policy

While many companies have guarantee policies, Researched Verified goes above and beyond for their customers. Researched Verified believes in their products and the way they show their pride is by offering a 365-day, no-hassle guarantee policy. Research Verified allows customers to return products within 365 days for a few reasons: (12)

They want their customers to feel comfortable about buying products online, and through their website.
Research Verified believes that their 365-day policy allows users to really get a feel for their products.
While they do believe in their products, Research Verified understands that their products may not work for everyone, and they don't want customers to have paid for a product that doesn't help.
Customers can return empty, used, or unopened products. They just have to either fill out a contact form, call their customer service department, or send an email to make refund arrangements.

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Great Customer Service

Not only is Research Verified dedicated to selling high-quality products, but they are also dedicated to being there for their customers. According to authorityreports.com, Research Verified features an excellent customer support team, ready to quickly resolve and answer any problem or question a customer might have. (13)

Research Verified's customer service team can be reached by filling out a contact form, by calling, or by sending an email. They encourage customers to contact them if they have any questions or concerns.

Research Verified Offers Many Products

Research Verified doesn't just offer products that have top-quality formulas, but they offer a large variety of products. (14) They currently offer 40 products which are meant to help treat a large number of health issues, as well as improve overall health. Research Verified sells it all, at an affordable cost, while assuring customers that they are receiving the best product possible.

Research Verified Review - Our Final Impression

It's not easy to determine what supplements to take, and which companies are actually looking out for your health. Which is why we took it upon ourselves to do the research for you, saving you time, and giving you peace of mind.

Research Verified is the company to go to for dietary supplements. They will jump through difficult hoops to give their customers the satisfaction of knowing they are buying products from a reliable source. They not only follow FDA regulations but also make sure their products pass the Certificate of Analysis review. They also partner with two other companies that are dedicated to getting safe and trustworthy products to consumers.

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They have a team of scientists that not only use natural ingredients, but they make sure those natural ingredients are safe to use. They back up all their claims with scientific data. Most importantly, Research Verified isn't trying to hide anything. They don't neglect to put product information on their labels, and they have a customer service team dedicated to answering questions and addressing concerns.

So the next time you're considering dietary supplements, don't become overwhelmed by the number of choices out there. Don't worry about those untrustworthy companies. Choose Research Verified for your supplement needs.

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