Written by Tim A. Davis on May 18, 2018
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Green Coffee Ultra:This Is How It Works-Review

"In our honest opinion Green Coffee Ultra really does work. We found this product to be of superior quality for a green coffee bean extract and highly effective for an all-natural weight loss. Green Coffee Ultra is probably the best green coffee bean extract available. We were impressed with the website, the ingredients and the price. We are happy to extend our highest recommendation of this product for natural weight loss."

Weight loss claims are one of the largest claims made by natural supplement manufacturers, especially for green coffee bean extracts. And we understand that there are so many to sort through and find which one is best for your needs. Some claims tend to be "over-inflated" and this can lead to frustration on your part trying to find which claims are true and which ones are unfounded. We also understand that it can be a scary process buying products on the internet these days. We wanted to help you make a clear choice for an all-natural green coffee bean weight loss supplement. So, we took a good look at the different products out there and one seemed to really catch our eye,Green Coffee Ultra. We were really impressed with the website and all of the manufacturers claims were backed by research, testing and a GMP Certification ensuring strict manufacturing standards for the highest quality. So, we decided to check the product out even further.

What is Green Coffee Ultra

We found that Green Coffee Ultra is an all-natural product for weight loss based on the known claims that a substance called Chlorogenic Acid in green coffee beans can promote weight loss. This is not just a claim made by the company that makes Green Coffee Ultra, but claims all over the world by many doctor's. The company that makes Green Coffee Ultra took this claim and found the highest grade of green coffee beans available to extract this acid and make their product. While it is true that the manufacturer double the strength of the capsules to make them more efficient that the competition, you still need to take 2 capsules daily and we just wanted to make that clear for you. The bottles contain 60 capsules, so that will be about a one month's supply. Each capsule contains 800mg of Green Coffee Extract and you need to take 1600mg daily for maximum effectiveness. Most other green coffee bean extracts that we researched had only 400mg per capsule which would mean you would need to take 4 a day and they were only a 15 day supply. While Green Coffee Ultra is a full month supply with the correct recommended dose. There are no known side-effects, but there is about 20% the amount of caffeine as in a serving of coffee. It is important to check with your doctor if you have high blood pressure or any other health conditions. We did find Green Coffee Ultra to be very safe for use in most people.

How Green Coffee Ultra Works

The manufacturer took claims that 100% Pure Green Coffee Extract can help the body metabolize fat and glucose and promote weight loss and turned those claims into a powerful weight loss supplement. The doctor's who claimed this stated that the Green Coffee Beans need to be of the highest quality and the product made needs to be 100% Pure extract for it to work. Green Coffee Ultra did just that and here is how it works. They were able to take the Green Coffee Beans and extract the highest available amount of Cholorgenic Acid. Normally, supplements like this are expensive and take excessive doses to have any effect. The manufacturer of Green Coffee Ultra condensed these large amounts down into one pill, so you can take less and save money. But, they surely did not skimp on product. You still get the same amount you need in less pills! Chlorogenic Acid causes the body to use less glucose for energy and burn fat cells instead. Most diets can make you feel tired and fatigued, but this way you have enough glucose stores to keep you moving. This cycle helps you burn even more fat and you start to lose weight, fast. This substance is also very healthy for the liver and restores the liver cells to regulate glucose release and fat burning. Green Coffee Ultra helps total body health during weight loss. Chlorogenic Acid also helps; neutralize cancer causing chemicals, regulate blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol, and maintain healthy blood sugar balance in the body. This way you can get healthy and lose weight all at the same time. We checked the customer reviews on the product and found nothing negative said about this product. Customers were happy with the results and also happy that they could return the product at any time if they were not satisfied. The company offers a money-back guarantee, with no questions asked.

The Cost of Green Coffee Ultra

We looked at the deals they give with Green Coffee Ultra and found it was a deal that could not be beat. Even though you need to take 2 Capsules daily, it was still less expensive than the other formula's we found out there. The average daily dosage is 1600mg a day. Most manufacturers offer this extract in 400mg capsules (and 60 capsules total) You would need to take four capsules daily of their formula and 120 a month to get the same results of 1 bottle of Green Coffee Ultra. We feel Green Coffee Ultra went above and beyond in making an 800mg capsule, so you only need to take 2 capsules daily. Green Coffee Ultra offers free bottles with purchase of 2 or more bottles, so this averages about $19.95 a bottle when you buy 3 bottles and get 3 bottles free. They also offer a convenient money back guarantee, discreet and fast same-day shipping and a very friendly customer service staff. We make it a point to check out the customer service when doing our reviews and we found the customer service agents to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

Green Coffee Ultra Final Review

We were very impressed with Green Clear Ultra and feel good about giving it a high recommendation for a green coffee bean extract and an all-natural weight loss supplement. It was very clear to us that the manufacturer took the time to thoroughly research and create a product that is well worth buying. Green Clear Ultra is truly on top when it comes to natural weight loss and the safety and efficacy can't be beat in our opinion!

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