Written by Joshua J. Haley on June 20, 2018
package of insanity asylum workout


If you want a well defined athlete's body in a short time, as short as a month, then the asylum workout system is something worth checking out. It involves intense training; which would be the only way one would acquire an athlete physic in a month.

About Asylum Workout

asylum workout is specially created to help people who are going into sports and athletics. Its main focus is on agility training and pushing the person undergoing the system to push their bodies further.  It is indeed possible to look and feel like a world elite athlete within 30days. What has gotten people talking is the ability to achieve all that in that short span of time. Unless you are in completely good shape, it will take a lot before your body adjusts to this kind of workout. Hence, it becomes increasingly hard for you to cope up with that kind of lifestyle for the entire month that you are in this program. It has been said that, only the insane sign up for the system. The models in the promotional videos are the reason most people are going into this system of training. You need to understand that, these models spend their time looking after their bodies, since that is their livelihood. This means that, these models are not counting on asylum-workout system to gain their muscles and perfect physic. They give the impression that these models have used the system to get their bodies looking like that. This not true, but is just for show and only meant to drive sales. They let you make the assumption after watching the promotional videos.  This is referred to as unconscious hype. Truth of the matter is one has to be superfit, body wise, in order to withstand the routines used in the asylum-workout system.

How Asylum-Workout Works

As it has been stated, this workout is best for people with great bodies, and in perfect shape. It is essential if you want to be cut and fit for intense activities such as sports. It takes cross training into a completely new level. It is true that there are people who go from being flabby to being fit, but it really is not realistic if you think about it. The only reasonable way one would make it through the first round is by coming in as a fit participant. This is because, the kind of exercise you undergo is quite intense, and it is no place for a regular beginner. The types of exercise involved require excessive physically exertions from the beginning of the asylum workout program. The asylum-workout system has six unique routines of training. This is because; you are supposed to get all the workout intensity that the pros of this field get and other important steps as stretching for the purposes of preventing injury. Full sessions of vertical training are a necessity for all sports; this is the only way you will get the ups by building leaner and longer muscles. Asylum workout program, also involves an entire session on strength and resistance training. This is aimed at helping your body build good muscle frames. A whole day of asylum workout involves different activities all under a common cross training program. You also get a DVD all about your core. It is impossible to compete in the absence of a strong core.

The Cost of Asylum- Workout

It is cheaper as compared to other workout programs. The payment includes some equipment. The common equipment you get would be a rope ladder and a jump rope to help you with the circuit training. The total of the entire program is $105, but they have made it easier to pay; you can pay it in three installments. The first one costs $ 45, and the second and third installments will be $30 each.

Final Asylum-Workout Review

Commitment is necessary for someone signing up for this training. Without it, you will not get through the first session.  For motivation, they give you a free t-shirt with the words “I'm committed” on it. You need to understand that in order to attain half the results you see on the videos, you need to commit to undergo the training sessions on a daily basis for one whole month. Asylum- workout was created with the intention of creating an art where, you learn how to torture and move your body to the point where it submits to the system.  The makers of the program fill you in on the details of what the programs entails; which is basically to push you to new heights. If you want to become a quarterback in you team, this system will get you there. There are a few negative reviews on this system, and they definitely come from participants who could not go the full month. This is, however, not worth blaming on the product. It is only natural that, not all who try it actually manage to stand the heat for 30days. If you tried and failed, what you should do is, look for a less strenuous workout program and work your way up to the asylum workout level and sign up again. For those that think they are cut out for the challenge, then, all the best. You are recommended to follow the following guideline:

  • Start with the P90X system
  • Use the result and experience in the insanity program
  • Work your way to the asylum-workout system

By the time you complete the last program, you will look and feel as fit as a professional athlete.

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