Written by Tim A. Davis on September 5, 2018
bottle of Ab Cuts Sleek & Lean Midsection Solution

Ab Cuts Sleek & Lean Midsection Solution - Does It Work?-Review

What is Ab Cuts Sleek & Lean Midsection Solution?

This is a review of Ab Cuts Sleek & Lean Midsection Solution, a stimulant free supplement which is designed to help individuals reduce body fat while increasing lean muscle tissues and muscle tone.  It also contains ingredients designed to help with weight loss goals.  

Ingredients & How It Works

Primary Ingredients:

  • Midsection Blend - Safflower Oil [80% CLA] (1,700mg), Fish Oil, Raspberry Ketones, Borage Oil [20% GLA], Flaxseed Oil [50% ALA], Sesame Seed Oil, L- Carnitine Tartrate, Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract (1.5 mg, 10% Forskolin) - 2258 mg

  • Vitamin E - 18 IU

Secondary Ingredients

  • Softgel Capsule (Gelatin, Glycerin, Water)

  • Silica

This is a good ingredient list though the product on the manufacturer’s website has been changed and is not reflected, for example, on Amazon’s website.  The breakdown of the amounts of each product in the Midsection Blend are not all listed for each ingredient although the manufacturer does specifically mention the amount of CLA in the product - 1700mg which is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that can increase muscle strength. We were disappointed to see that Coleus Forskohlii has only been standardized to 10% Forskolin which ideally should be at  20%.  But also the amount, 1.5 mg, is minuscule compared the daily recommendation of 500 mg.  

Daily Serving

The product label states to take 2-3 softgels with every meal for a total of 9 softgels a day, with the recommendation that they are taken in the morning, mid-afternoon and evening. The recommended dosage should not be exceeded, and if you are pregnant, nursing or under medical supervision or under 18 years of age, you should not take this product. Individuals with other medical issues should consult their healthcare professional first before using the product.

The product label also has an allergen warning that the product was manufactured in a facility that processes soybean and wheat products.

The Cost

The manufacturer's website sells one bottle containing 120 softgels for $59.99.  However, third party websites offer a much more discounted price at $28.39. We were unable to find multi-packs for this product which was unfortunate as with up to 9 softgels a day, the bottle will last only 13 days.  This ends up being an expensive product if taken long-term and a cause for concern.


Ab Cuts offers a 90-day money back guarantee if you purchase the product directly with them; otherwise, the guarantee does not hold.  There is little other information about the nature of the warranty and whether they will refund only unopened bottles or opened bottles as well.

Our Review Summary of Ab Cuts Sleek & Lean Midsection Solution

Ab Cuts Sleek & Lean Midsection Solution offers a fair enough choice for those wishing to use a product that will help hasten their goals for building muscles and losing weight.  However, for individuals on a budget, this supplement is expensive. And though it contains a good amount of CLA, the manufacturer has not gone to any effort to either explain or justify the inclusion of the ingredients and their amounts, namely the very small amounts of Vitamin E and Forskolin. And with almost no customer reviews, we wonder how many people are actually choosing this product or going with other more affordable supplements that have attractive satisfaction guarantees?

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