Written by Diana M. Lowe on June 18, 2018
cover of a woman on the book of Acne no More

Acne No More-Review

Acne No More is a downloadable ebook that advocates a natural way -- avoiding the costly use of creams, oils and foams -- to get free of acne; the holistic way this ebook recommends is claimed to rid all parts of the body of acne.

About the Product

The body is subjected to many types of skin problems including a variety of acne. Apart from your countenance, you could have acne on your back, shoulders and chest, or just about any other place on your body. Conventional treatments could cause itching and peeling of your skin owing to the use of chemicals in the composition of these treatment solutions. Various skin problems are associated with the type of skin a person has; for instance, while one person might have skin that's excessively oily, the pores on another's might be larger than those seen on a person with clear skin. The various skin problems that people have can, in combination, create still bigger problems. People with acne struggle to cope with the problem and betray different modes of behavior when afflicted with the problem. In some, acne causes an anxiety about one's appearance; still others consider it as a blow to their self-esteem, while in some extreme cases people with acne suffer from clinical depression. Some are so obsessed with the problem that they can discuss nothing else. They spend a fortune treating it and end up hopping from solution to solution, in the desperate hope that something will rid them of their zits. It does not help such people's cause that there are several companies out there trying to peddle their wares, each with its own theories as to how acne is caused and what must be done to treat it.

How it Works

Mike Walden, the author of the ebook, Acne No More, captures the attention of those afflicted with acne by claiming that the zits can be got rid of without having to resort to the use of ointments, creams or drugs; this causes a natural intrigue in people as to what else, if anything, could solve the problem. Walden's next claim is devised to raise the eyebrows even higher. According to Walden, his Acne No More cure will apply uniformly to every skin type, to every type of acne, whether conglobata or vulgaris, or cystic acne, or blackheads, or whiteheads, or rosacea. His cure, says Walden, will work regardless of the age of the afflicted person, the part of the body the acne is located at, and the severity of the problem. And most importantly, it will be a quick cure and a permanent one at that. According to the author, the problem will never recur, and your countenance will be rid of an overly oily appearance and redness. And a better looking countenance will lead in turn to improved self esteem which in its own turn will help you lead a better life. The general cynicism with which people tend to regard an 'intangible' downloadable product is likely to cause them to wonder whether Acne No more is a genuine product. But the money-back guarantee offered on the product should dispel doubts as to its genuineness.

How Much it Costs

The ebook costs $40 and for an additional $10 you can also get videos imparting instruction on how to use the author's instructions to your advantage.

How You Make it Work

There is a clear need to read the ebook and adhere to the instructions therein. The author advocates a holistic system that does not attack the symptoms but rather attempts to address the cause of the problem. The reader must approach the instructions in the ebook, with an open mind, in order to achieve the best benefits.

Final Review

The reviews from real users are mainly positive, with many claiming to have followed the instructions and obtained positive results. Though the results might not be the same for everybody, they would also depend on whether the user of the ebook has adhered strictly to the author's advice. On his part, the author has made his book easy to read and understand with hundreds of illustrations to help the reader follow the instructions as they are intended to be followed. The 240-page book and the videos appear to be a sincere attempt to help cure what is a common problem suffered by millions of people around the world. In the additional light of the overwhelmingly positive reviews by the majority of the ebook's buyers, this product carries our recommendation.

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