Written by Rita C. Hartman on May 29, 2018
air alert manual and cd package

Air Alert-Review

Here is a way to train players and beginners on the ways to jump higher. Air alert is the system to help you do it. Jumping high vertically is very important to any basketball player; it is considered as an asset. There are two ways to increase your vertical jump, one is by enrolling in a training program and two is by getting a system which teaches on ways of vertical jumping. Whichever way you choose will have positive results. There is way to save money; this is by getting a vertical jump training program which comes in DVD. The air alert program is one such program. You can purchase the DVD and train at home on vertical jumping.

Information on air alert

One of the training that beginner athletes take on is jump training. This helps them to develop the jumping skills. There are world class NBA players who started off their careers with vertical this training program. Air alert has the same effect on individuals who use it. It is claimed that, air alert program, assists its users to increase their vertical leaps by 14inches. It is claimed to teach this making use of safe and effective methods. Unlike other trainings where weight is used, the air alert system uses body mass to turn you into a jumping prowess. It is said that, by constantly practicing with the use of methods stated in the video, you train your body to subconsciously jump to greater height. When under the air alert program, you can increase your vertical jump by between 8 and 14'' in only fifteen weeks. The only hype about this program is the desire of all upcoming athletes to increase their vertical jumps. There are also non-professional athletes who want to use the air alert program to increase jumping capabilities. These abilities can be used during sports as well as during games with loved ones. It feels amazing when you can dunk a ball yet you are shorter than the rest and also to take part in volleyball.

How air alert works

If you are serious about the desire to increase your jumping abilities, what you need to do is follow the air alert instructions to the letter. You are advised to read the whole idea and understand it before you start the program. This helps you to learn how to perform the steps in the right way. You are taken through repetitive jumping classes where you are trained on the most effective ways of jumping. This is also an effective way in adding power to your legs for effective jumping. The training in the program is very realistic. This is because it gives a step by step way of training. What is in question is the ability of the air alert program to offer assistance for you to increase your vertical jump to as much as 14inches in just 15weeks. If you remember, you will only rely on your body mass during the air alert training program. This is to say that, it will take your body some time before it adjusts to this training as compared to other jump training where weight is used. For the body to adjust to air alert training, and realize the results in just 15weeks is highly doubtful.

The cost of the air alert program

It will only cost you a payment of $30 for the entire air alert program. Apart from the DVD, you also get a training manual, and a training chat that will help you in keeping track of progress. This also includes measurement charts. These are very helpful as they help you keep in check your jumping progress and improvement your make over time.

The final air alert review

As much as the claims that air alert increases you’re jumping by 14inches sounds ridiculous, it is true that air alert does work. You just need to stick to regular practice and with time; you will to jump as high as you want to go. This is also great exercise strategy for the leg muscles. The best thing about the air alert jump training program is the fact that you only have to purchase the DVD at an affordable price, and you can do the training from the comfort of your backyard. It is also a cheap method of training as you can improvise on the chairs in your home equipment. If you are beginner athlete, then the air alert program can be of great help to you. Other non-professional users can also make use of the DVD, but it is not recommended for professional athletes because it will not be of help to them. This is because; these professional athletes are already proficient when it comes to jumping high. It is advisable that, as you undergo this training, ensure that you wear the appropriate basketball shoes. It is advisable too that as much as possible you should refrain from over exerting yourself during the training. This is very dangerous as it exposes you to serious danger that could end up ruining your career and dreams. 

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