Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on February 11, 2019
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Atkins Diet-Review

The Atkins diet was developed by Doctor Robert Atkins in the 1970’s. The diet formula was then named after him and is now referred to as the Atkins Nutritional Approach mainly because Dr. Atkins set the standards used in the dieting process. The main nutritional approach that characterizes it is the reduced amount of carbohydrate intake that assists in the metabolism process.   The entire dieting process was closely based on a research paper that was published in the journal of American Medical Association.  Dr. Atkins then used the information provided on the research paper to resolve his personal weight issues.


Throughout Dr. Robert Atkins life, he was able to publish two different dieting books. His first book was called Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution and it was highly popularized amongst dieters. Dr. Atkins then released a follow up book later on titled Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution. The main difference between the two books was that the second book had a modified diet plan. However, most of the original ideas from the first book were retained so that the modified diet still had a nutritional approach.

The Claim

The Atkins dieting method has claimed to be the most effective weight loss technique and helps in maintaining a healthy heart. This dieting method has the ability to lower any bad cholesterol in the body’s system while at the same time increasing the levels of good cholesterol because of it focuses on reducing the amount of carbohydrate intake. The fact that the body’s supply of carbohydrates has been limited also forces the body to fully depend on the fat stored in the body to get energy. Since the fat is used up, the body weight significantly decreases.

The hype

Recent days have seen a lot of interest arise among people in issues related to weight loss plans. People have also found that the Atkins diet plan nutritional approach to be one of the most interactive weight loss methods simply because no limit is set to your food intake; as long as what you are eating is low in carbohydrates, you are good to go. More and more people are stepping up to testify how the diet plan worked out for them in just a matter of weeks and this is causing more attraction to the dieting method.

The Cost

The Atkins diet has an easily manageable maintenance diet. Your budget will not change at all; on the contrary, it is most likely to remain the same. The only difference is that you will stop buying foods high on carbohydrates and start buying foods like healthy vegetables and fruits that will in the end have a positive impact on your health.

The commitment

It's a proven fact that most dieting processes fail because people get hungry while in the course of the dieting process. However, the Atkins diet is a completely different case because despite the fact that there is no fasting involved in this diet, it is still quite effective. The only sacrifice you need to make for a successful weight loss is getting rid of foods high in carbohydrates from your diet entirely. If you happen to be exercising while following the Atkins diet plan, then you will not experience any energy depletion.


The Atkins dieting plan is without a doubt an effective, believable and realistic dieting plan in that it causes weight loss within record short time.  The fact that the dieting plan encourages proteins and fats while discouraging carbohydrates simply means that your body’s digestion process is somewhat prolonged. This in turn gives your body the illusion that you are full. Since you are ‘full’ you will not experience any hunger pangs while these components have not completely dissolved into your system. The Atkins diet is quite simple and it can reduce your appetite resulting in a lessened food intake and reduced body mass.

Final Atkins Diet Review

This dieting method really works as a fast regimen for weight loss. Nonetheless, the overall safety of the approach can be questioned. Once you have lost your weight and you go back to your regular diet involving carbohydrates, you will regain the weight almost immediately.   It should also be noted that exposure to such methods of quickly losing weight will in the long run end up damaging your digestive system leading to an overall decline in your health. A nutritional approach has also been known to have harmful effects to your kidneys as it is forced to process proteins for energy instead of carbohydrates.

Our recommendation

Due to the issue of maintaining health, we are not recommending the Atkins diet plan for weight loss. The recommended method is for you to follow the FDA approved food pyramid. This is simply because it’s a healthier dieting approach when compared to the Atkins diet because you will minimize your junk food intake while a health balance between proteins and carbohydrates is maintained. This paired with proper exercise and healthy life styles will definitely lead to a normal body weight.

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