Written by Helen M. Stanton on November 1, 2018
blue bottle of cellulean


Many Americans who are afflicted with cellulite are desperate for a solution having tried several remedies over the years to no avail. So this is a potential market for a fly-by-night operator to try and exploit, given the number of desperate and gullible consumers.

About the Product

Cellulean claims that it will reduce stretch marks while making your skin firmer and more elastic, results that will be clearly discernible, within a matter of days. Additionally, the promoters claim to have been given footage on TV channels such as CBS News, Fox News, ABC and NBC without providing specific details about the coverage.

How it Works

The promoters boast an innovation called the Trans-Derma-Fuze Delivery System said to equip your body with peptides, herbs, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins among other active ingredients. These ingredients are said to go a long way in strengthening the skin cells, apart from boosting collagen levels and reducing sub-surface fat cells. But if you expect such claims to be backed by research and relevant citations, you are likely to be disappointed. The promoters rely on simple hype based on the premise that you will be gullible enough to accept that the product works after seeing images of a "user" ostensibly taken before and after use of the product. There is no effort to convince a prospective buyer about the scientific basis for the claims.

How Much it Costs

Before you order what you might think is a FREE trial, make sure you read the small print: The website emphasizes the phrase "FREE trial" by capitalizing the word FREE but when you read the whole sentence you will see that it talks about a "Risk FREE Trial". You still have to PAY $4.95 which will entitle you to receive 30 days' supply of Cellulean against a retail price of $110. But you'll be given 14 days (21 days for non-US consumers) within which to decide whether you want to keep it; otherwise you can call a toll free number to cancel the order; though don't expect to receive your $4.95 back which will be adjusted against shipping and handling costs. In case you decide to keep the product, you will be charged a "super low price" of $79.95. As you can see, the trial offer is anything but FREE. Not only that, the company will renew your order every 30 days and auto charge it to your card unless you cancel it by calling said toll free  number.

How You Make it Work

Like any similar product treating a similar problem, Cellulean's effectiveness or otherwise cannot be gauged if you don't follow the instructions religiously. Cumulative benefits can only accrue over a period and missing an odd dose could skew your judgment while deciding whether or not to continue with their program.

Final Review

Despite the dubiousness of the premise that before and after pictures can establish a product's effectiveness, there are enough wishful thinkers, among those who suffer from cellulite, to drive sales on such a flimsy basis. Curiously, reviews of the product hinge on extremes; people either claim that it works brilliantly or that it doesn't do what it promises to do. The absence of middle-of-the-road reviews only serves to raise eyebrows as to the credibility of the positive reviews which are in all likelihood nothing but paid shills. In all probability the product fails to deliver on its promise but if you are still in for the ride, go ahead. But don't be too optimistic. We don't want to be too judgmental; so we won't discourage you if want to try out Cellulean despite its largely unproven claims. But if you do so, don't be blinded by the hype and satisfy yourself fully before deciding to accept or reject the product; that way you could keep the price of the trial down to $5, at worst.

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