Written by Geoffrey S. Blunt on September 6, 2018
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In a crowded market of products that promise to help you kick the smoking habit, Chantix stands out as one manufactured by a pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, that has left no stone unturned in promoting the product and giving out prescriptions to those who seek them.

About the Product

You deserve praise for having decided to quit the habit, for there is no denying that smoking is unhealthy and can cause premature death. It's possible that you might have made many unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking, in the past, having tried several products in the process. If you have reached such a point of desperation, you might even consider Chantix.

How it Works

The company positions Chantix as a prescription drug for use by adults who might want to give up smoking. The company also avers that Chantix does not contain any nicotine. Unfortunately for the company, it cannot make any other claim. Evidence shows that the product succeeds in accomplishing its goal with less than half its users claiming to have quit the habit. Chantix is likely to go down in pharmaceutical history as a product that failed. Chantix has far too many deleterious side effects to the extent that the promotion sounds ironically like a warning that cautions us against using the product. Smoking is harmful to health, per se, but Chantix appears to be even more harmful, with several side effects that include nausea, sleeplessness, headache, flatulence, tastelessness of the tongue, constipation, stomach ache, heartburn, indigestion, dryness in the mouth, nightmares, drowsiness, lethargy, low energy levels, a running nose, loss of appetite, vomiting, respiratory problems, suicidal thoughts and aggression. Here are some more. How would you like to experience symptoms of suffering a stroke, impaired eyesight or speech, or weakness or numbness in an arm or leg, or chest pain that could potentially lead to a cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, anemia, skin allergy, vertigo, a thyroid problem, osteoporosis, stomach ulcers, sexual dysfunction, psoriasis, high cholesterol, gingivitis, or arthritis? Chantix can cause all these and more.

How Much it Costs

Chantix costs about $3 a pill, with the recommended dosage being 2 pills a day.

How You Make it Work

This is not just about popping the pill and expecting it do its job. There is also a need for counseling and other additional support. About 64% are said to have not been able to quit smoking in spite of using Chantix which indicates that they might not have used support groups or additional help, while trying to quit.

Final Review

Despite being manufactured by Pfizer, a giant pharmaceutical company with resources, Chantix only has a success rate of about 44%, which amounts to less than one in two people who use the drug. Contrast this with the 18% success rate in quitting smoking by ingesting a sugar pill that can qualify as being no more than a placebo. This underscores the power of belief that the solution is likely to be effective. We didn't expect a reputed company like Pfizer to put so much weight behind a product that has so many deleterious side effects while enjoying so little success. We also didn't expect the FDA to pass the product for selling to consumers who have, in effect, been reduced to guinea pigs to test a dubious product on. While it is a commendable decision to stop smoking but before you resort to a drug like Chantix, you have to consider the side effects that could be worse than the disease the drug seeks to cure. Chantix has proven to be an obnoxious drug that you would do well to keep a healthy distance from. In most instances, the drug has been proven not to do what it claims to do. In fact, the manufacture is also upfront about the side effects, on the official website; therefore, your decision seems to have been made for you already. We would suggest that you avoid Chantix and try one of the many other quit-smoking solutions in the market place, especially ones that use all-natural ingredients and that don't rely for their sale on aggressive promotion by a big pharmaceutical company.

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