Written by Lana Vella on April 13, 2018
DermaRite DermaFungal for Ringworm

DermaRite DermaFungal - Does It Work?-Review

What is DermaRite DermaFungal?

Read our following review that focuses on a product called DermaFungal, manufactured by DermaRite. Ringworm is a fungal infection that can cause symptoms such as redness, burning, and itching. The manufacturer has developed a product that aims to relieve these symptoms. Keep on reading to see what ingredients are used in DermaRite DermaFungal and to see what benefits this product may offer.

Ingredients & How It Works

DermaRite DermaFungal is an anti-fungal cream that claims to help treat athlete's foot, ringworm, and also jock itch. It claims that the ingredients also provide odor control and forms a moisture barrier on the skin. The only ingredients mentioned on the manufacturer's website is Miconazole Nitrate 2%. It is clear that the product does not contain the strongest fungal fighting agent, namely 25% undecylenic acid. Lack of this clinically proven ingredient as well as other oils may result in a less effective product when comparing it to other brands.

Daily Serving

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide their customers with a method of applying the product. This is unprofessional as potential customers will not know when and how to use the product. It may also lead to other complications such as ineffectiveness or may even be harmful to your health.

The Cost

On the manufacturer's website is an indication that the product is available in 5 g packets and also in a 3.75 ounce tube. Unfortunately, there is no price made available. We did however find the product on Amazon with a prices ranging from $7.88 to $11.09 from various re-sellers. There are no bundle deals made available, however, this is a very low price and may support the fact that the ingredients are not of high standard and quality.


We were unable to find a money-back guarantee on the manufacturer's website. However, due to the fact that the product can be purchased from Amazon, it is safe to say that their guarantee would apply in this case. Amazon states that unopened products may be returned within 30-days from the purchase date. Unfortunately, they do not specify which products apply to this return policy.

Our Review Summary Of DermaRite DermaFungal

After our analysis of DermaRite DermaFungal, we found a few positive aspects as well as a few negative aspects. We appreciate the fact that the product can be purchased online from various re-sellers.

However, the negative aspects are of much more concern and also need to be addressed. First of all, the manufacturer fails to provide a full ingredients list. With this said, the main active ingredient does not seem to be clinically proven. This could leave the product ineffective. Furthermore, the manufacturer fails to provide usage instructions, leaving the customer in the dark. Also, the product cannot be purchased from the manufacturer's website and it is priced very low, which may indicate low-quality ingredients. Finally, the customer may be left at risk due to the weak guarantee. These reasons lead us to believe that DermaRite DermaFungal is not an effective fungal fighting product and we do not recommend the use thereof.

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