Written by Helen M. Stanton on June 3, 2018
DG Health Athlete's Foot Cream for Athlete's Foot

DG Health Athlete's Foot Cream - Does It Work?-Review

What is DG Health Athlete's Foot Cream?

DG Health Athlete's Foot Cream claims to Cure and prevent athlete's foot. It is a pharmaceutical product. Athlete's foot is  a fungal infection that infects the skin on the foot and it is very easily transferred from surfaces to people. people often contract the infection many times in their life especially if they use public facilities like gyms. That is why this review is here to help customers decide if this is the best choice for an athlete's foot treatment.

Ingredients & How It Works

The active ingredient in DG Health Athlete's Foot Cream is tolnaftate. Tolnaftate is part of a group of antifungal compounds that reduce the action of fungal enzymes responsible for maintaining the integrity of the fungus cell membrane. When applied to a fungal infected area they cause the fungi there to become leaky and the fungi will eventually die, thus eliminating the infection.

There isn't any evidence really to suggest that tolnaftate can reduce inflammation or itching so customers do still have to experience these symptoms whilst the infection is clearing. Many other products offer a formula which eliminates the infection and reduces inflammation unlike this one.

Daily Serving

Before applying the product the customer should wash the affected area and dry it thoroughly afterward. DG Health Athlete's Foot Cream should be applied twice a day in the morning and in the evening. Customers should take great care to apply the product between their toes.

The concentration of tolnaftate is 1% in this product.

The Cost

The product is supplied through pharmacies and third-party retailers. The general price for a 1 oz tube is $3. Some online retailers offer a discount for subscription and they offer free shipping on orders which exceed a certain total.


The product is satisfaction guaranteed by the manufacturer. If the customer does not receive the results they were hoping for and are unsatisfied, they can return the product within 30 days. According to the manufacturer the product needs to be returned in good condition in the original box. It does not explain if the guarantee is invalid once the product is opened.

Our Review Summary Of DG Health Athlete's Foot Cream

There is confidence in the ability of the ingredient in this product to eliminate the fungal infection but we don't believe it is particularly beneficial for the customer to continue suffering from the inflammation and pain which this product does not treat.

Another problem with this product is that the satisfaction guarantee is only valid for a short period of time and the manufacturer is not completely clear about it. We believe the most effective and trustworthy products are the ones that lay all of the information about themselves in a clear but comprehensive manner, and don't try to hide anything from the customer. We are not saying that this manufacturer is being malicious but perhaps they should reconsider their description strategy to make themselves more trustworthy. There are, in fact, manufacturers of antifungal products that do describe the product in an efficient way and so these are more trustworthy. 

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