Written by Diana M. Lowe on September 8, 2018
Fixafungus Toenail Fungus Treatment for Nail Fungus

Fixafungus Toenail Fungus Treatment - Does It Work?-Review

What is Fungus Treatment Review?

Today we review Fungus Treatment. We intend to find out all the information of the product and disclose it within the review to provide customers with the facts they need to form an opinion of the product. We had seen that the manufacturer made the product to eliminate the fungus that infects fingers and toe nails.

Ingredients & How It Works

  • Keratrate.
  • Fungicillin.

Daily Serving

The first thing you need to do before using a product is to speak to a doctor about possible side effects that the product may provoke in your condition. The instructions of use for the product according to the manufacturer is to wash the affected area and dry it thoroughly. Then, you need to mix the activator solution with powder in the inner chamber of step 1. You need to refrigerate step 1 container then apply step 2. The manufacturer had provided more detailed instructions for step 1 and step 2, which are complex and inconvenient.

The Cost

You can buy the product from the manufacturer's website for $49.95. Consumers who would like to save money cannot do it with this product since no discount is offered. The manufacturer made the courier fees the consumer's responsibility.


The manufacturer has provided a money-back guarantee for the product. Consumers can return the product to the manufacturer to claim a refund but will have to pay the shipping of the product to get it back to the manufacturer. The guarantee period is valid for 60 days after purchase.

Our Review Summary Of Toenail Fungus Treatment

Since we have conducted a thorough examination of the product, we have managed to collect all the facts and can summarize our findings. The product was formulated to eliminate the fungus that infects fingers and toe nails. We also saw that the product contains flaws, which consumers need to consider.  The first flaw regarding the product is the number of ingredients used in the product. The few ingredients used reveal that the product will probably not be effective. The second flaw is regarding the dosage instructions. The manufacturer provided complicated instructions, which contain many steps. The instructions provided are an inconvenience to the consumer. The third flaw is the cost of the product. Besides not offering a discount on the product, the manufacturer had not included the shipping cost of the product in the purchase price. The consumer needs to pay for the shipping. A guarantee is available for the product, but consumers have to pay the shipping cost if they wish to claim a refund. We could not find any reviews of the product. Customer testimonials are important since it provides information about the results the product can produce. With this product, there is no evidence that it can give consumers the results they need.

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