Written by Joshua J. Haley on May 17, 2018
man using FlexShaper equipment


Among exercise buffs, there are always those who prefer a portable light-weight system they can use to get themselves fit. Such a system should not take up much space; nor should it be difficult to use. FlexShaper is an exerciser that answers this description perfectly, according to the promoters.

About the Product

The FlexShaper is similar to the Thigh Master that was marketed aggressively in the last decade of the 20th century by Suzanne Somers. As FlexShaper's name suggests, the system bends and serves as a resistance equipment, thereby rendering dumbbells obsolete. Also, the manufacturer has made a clear effort at creating a portable system that takes little space and gives you an overall workout while being easy to use.

How it Works

The promoters claim that FlexShaper does not restrict itself to any particular muscle group but is aimed at giving a comprehensive workout, including the inner thighs, biceps, inner back muscles and triceps, with specific exercises devised to allow you to use the equipment to your best advantage. They also claim that FlexShaper is devised to make exercisers look lean -- as opposed to bulky -- though this is not very clear given that the exercises don't involve the stretching of either arm or leg muscles. Manufacturers of equipment for multiple uses such as the Flexiworker run the risk of trying too hard. There is always the temptation of combining muscle groups in a bid to devise a comprehensive exercise regimen that does not focus on just a limited area of the body. This is understandably so, even as the promoters aim at becoming the sole providers of exercise equipment to an individual exerciser who uses the FlexShaper.

How Much it Costs

The FlexShaper costs $48 payable in two installments of $28 upfront and $20 payable a month later. The first installment also includes shipping costs of $8.

How You Make it Work

Don't expect results with the FlexShaper unless you are ready to use it on a daily basis. It will also entail eating the right diet while engaging in some cardio exercises too.

Final Review

The FlexShaper has some clear advantages working for it -- its ease of use, portability and light weight compare well with competitors' offerings for the same price. While this piece of equipment is intended for home use, don't expect it to replace your gym, despite any marketing hype in that direction. This one is not for fitness pros. But it could prove a useful ally for a beginner venturing into the world of resistance training. The best thing you can say about the FlexShaper is that it does what it is designed to do, by facilitating resistance training to help you workout most areas of your body. But this is at best a supplement to serious workouts at your gym. The FlexShaper can fill the void when you are not able to go to the gym or are not able to do so for any other reason such as your age or the fact that you live at a great distance from the nearest gym.

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