Written by Helen M. Stanton on September 18, 2018
woman and dog running outdoors

Fun Ways to Workout

Bored of all your regular workouts? Lacking the motivation to get in shape? Luckily for you, with the direction that the health industry is moving in, getting in shape or staying fit is now easier and more exciting than ever. The health industry is now becoming more mainstream and more accessible to the greater public. Health supplements are more popular today and there are literally thousands on the market making your choices endless - this Research Verified review should help you choose a good one when it all seems so confusing. Exercise classes are no longer limited to just a few choices and home workouts are all the rage. There are many exciting and fun ways to workout. Below we have listed some of the ways you can spice up your exercise life.   


group of people working outdoors Not so much for the faint of heart but certainly good for those who need an extra push when working out. This is a group training program based on programs used to train military recruits. This workout is designed to help you build your strength and fitness. It is a great way to boost your fat loss in a team environment which really helps with motivation and social support. Feel yourself being pushed further than you would if you were on your own. The class will consist of exercises that are a mix of strength training and cardio. You will usually start off with some stretching and running and then move on to a series of high intensity routines for the duration of an hour, followed by some cooling down exercises - maybe even some yoga poses.


If you are looking for something a little less high-impact, yogilates is the way to go. This is a modern form of training that combines pilates and yoga. It was invented by Jonathan Urla who drew on the fact that yoga and pilates have similar aspects to them. Yogilates will help you improve your flexibility and strength while also helping with balance, concentration, and body control.


For those who really have a hard time hitting the gym or making it to an outdoor class, exergaming is a great way to combine fitness and fun. Imagine playing a video game and getting fit at the same time? A game such as the Wii Fit Plus allows you to partake in different activities such as yoga, strength training, and balance games while showing your movements back to you on your TV. It even tracks your progress and allows you to compare against other family members.

Trapeze Class women training trapeze

For the dare devils out there, this is a fun way to get a full body workout. These classes are based on the circus act and you will find yourself hanging and swinging through the air. You may even attempt a few catches. You will be safely strapped with a harness and protected by a safety net, which you will probably take a few tumbles onto. There are classes available for all different fitness and adventure levels. These classes will offer a workout packed with cardio, strength training, core conditioning, and balance.


No formal class needed for this fun workout. All you need is a pair of rollerblades - and a fair bit of balance. But once you get the hang of it, there will be no stopping you. If you find going for a run or walk slightly boring, adding rollerblades could be a way to make getting out fun. It could even be a fun new way to get around, especially for short distances. Why not give it a try?

Exercise is good for you. It provides many health benefits as well as keeping your weight in check. And it doesn’t have to be boring. So find an exciting class or simply put on a pair of rollerblades and make working out fun!

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