Written by Tim A. Davis on September 18, 2018
set of GLO teeth whitening equipment


The promise of GLO is that it will allow you to use a teeth whitening system --within the comfort of your own home -- by employing the same technology as a system you would normally hope to find at a dentist's.

About the Product

Till not very long ago, you had only two broad options if you wanted to have your teeth whitened. Either you bought a DIY system from the neighborhood store, trays and strips and all, or opted to get it done professionally at a dentist's clinic, by paying much more money. GLO promises to change all that and gives you a third option made possible by the march of technology: a professional-level technological product you can use at home.

How it Works

The company claims that its product -- equipped with the same light-driven system used by dentists -- will give you amazing results in the comfort of your home, something that was unthinkable, not so long ago. A large number of real time users have endorsed GLO and claimed that it did what it promised to do and gave them whiter teeth. Such a product with a premium price tag needs a lot of hype to help sell it, in a crowded marketplace.

How Much it Costs

You can buy the whole GLO Whitening kit for $275. While this costs about five times more than you would pay for a kit from Crest Whitestrips, it still seems a reasonable price when you compare it with what you would have to pay a dentist for a single visit to whiten your teeth. It will not only allow you multiple uses, it will also, according to the company, give you results that are just as good as you can expect at a dentist's clinic. The company also offers a risk-free trial for a month if you chose to order it from their website.

How You Make it Work

Dr Johnson, the creator of the GLO whitening system has claimed that he devised the system for his patients and did not intend to produce it on a mass scale. But given the advanced technology backing the current system, it appears unlikely that it was intended for production on a small scale, or for use only on Johnson's patients. While the product has been praised, by and large, by real users, you need to note that apart from the light-up tray that comes with the system, there is also the gel which is what does the actual whitening of your teeth. The light-up tray is actually the activator intended to hasten the chemical reaction of the gel. So it's not unreasonable to assume that the whitening process will be as messy as with other DIY at-home whiteners. That said, the light is the missing link, in previous home-use whiteners, and for which the dentist could justify charging you in excess of $400 for a whitening job at the clinic.

Final Review

GLO has been winning several awards for its products; so it's safe to assume that the company is somehow on the right track. It might or might not work for you, as with any product of this kind, but with the offer of a risk-free trial for a month, you have the option of trying it out and returning it to get your money back, in case you don't like the product. This underscores the company's confidence in the product as you wouldn't be happy if you didn't see great results the first time you used GLO. If you can afford to pay $275, we would recommend you to give GLO a try. It would still be less than you'd pay a dentist. The re-usability of the system gives additional value for money. But make sure that you adhere to the instructions and space out your use of the product, if you want to see the intended results.

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