Written by Joshua J. Haley on August 22, 2018
bottle of Green Coffee Premium

Green Coffee Premium - Does It Work?-Review

What is Green Coffee Premium?

This is a review for Green Coffee Premium which is a weight loss product. Green Coffee Premium's main active ingredient is green coffee bean extract that has been standardized to contain 50% chlorogenic acid and is 100% pure with no added ingredients, fillers or binders. It is suitable for vegetarians. It is made in the United States in a registered lab that is cGMP certified. The manufacturer provides a satisfaction money back guarantee. Read on to decide for yourself if this is a product worth trying.

Ingredients & How it Works

Green Coffee Premium utilizes one active ingredient which is 100% pure green coffee bean extract. This supplement contains 800mg of green coffee bean extract per capsule, standardized to contain 50% chlorogenic acid, the key to losing weight and burning fat. This is one of the highest percentages found compared to similar products.  

Daily Serving

The recommended dosage for adults is to take two capsules per day, preferably 30 minutes before a meal with a full glass of water. Make sure not exceed the recommended dosage. We advise that you consult with your doctor before trying out this or any other supplement for the first time.

The Cost

One bottle of Green Coffee Premium contains 60 capsules and is enough to last for one month and costs $48. This product also comes with multiple supply packages with special discounts directly from the manufacturer's website. The Beginner’s Package (3 bottles) is priced at $91.00; the Moderate Package (4 bottles) is available for $112 and the Best Selling Package (6 bottles) is priced at $138.  


Green Coffee Premium comes with a 90-day satisfaction money back guarantee. Customers can return this product at any time during the time period stipulated if they are not completely satisfied with their results. They simply need to send back any used and unused bottles. We have not come across many manufacturers that accept opened bottles like this. To us, this is a great sign of good will.

Customer reviews for this product were quite positive. Most were happy with their weight loss results. Some wished it worked faster but were nonetheless satisfied with their results. We did not find any negative reviews for this product.

Our Review Summary of Green Coffee Premium

If you are looking for a good weight loss supplement that will get you the body you’ve been dreaming of, then Green Coffee Premium is the product you are looking for. Green Coffee Premium is 100% pure and contains the optimum green coffee bean extract standardized to contain 50% chlorogenic acid at the right dosage as well. There is nothing artificial in this product and the quality is the best around. The manufacturer bases its formula and dosage on clinical studies which it has referenced on its website. This product is affordable and it has special discounts when buying items online. The affordable price and discounts, the 90-day money back guarantee, positive reviews, all sum up to a great product and Green Coffee Premium is that product.

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