Written by Tim A. Davis on September 26, 2018
Author Paul McKenna and his book I can make you thin

I Can Make You Thin-Review

People who have watched Paul McKenna's TV show titled, 'I can make you thin' are likely to wonder at the surreal nature of the man. He has a seemingly outlandish collection of audios and books on unlikely subjects, such as, 'Give blood and be more confident'. McKenna claims to be able to achieve everything via hypnosis and hacking people's mind to help them deliver results without their feeling like having made any effort.

About the Product

UK-based McKenna has been involved for many years in guiding people on changing their lives for the better. While not everyone agrees with McKenna's methods, the majority have a positive opinion about him. His programs and books carry loud titles such as, "I can make you confident" and "I can make you thin", shouting out his conviction about what he does. But while the titles help sell his books, they create a sense of expectation that is hard to fulfill.

How it Works

McKenna states in his book, carrying the title of his show, 'I can make you thin', that a person can have the healthy body he wants, weighing a natural weight, without having to diet, and without having to undergo any of the torment involved with dieting. According to McKenna, there are ‘neuro’ pathways in the brain, which when tapped into can help long held behaviors and beliefs to be rerouted, as these beliefs and behaviors prevent you from acquiring a healthy body. McKenna has built on the success of his book by starting a TV show by the same name and the 20-30 minute show is well-scripted such as to induce people to watch it on an ongoing basis. The audience is also selected to go along with everything Paul says and not question any of his premises.

How Much it Costs

The cost can range from $15.91 for the book, if you buy it on Amazon, to $59.85 for the five-set CD, on McKenna's website. You could also buy the TV show on DVD or watch it on a syndicated rerun.

How You Make it Work

The program has techniques designed to help you lose weight that you need to learn before you can apply them in your life. This requires that you keep an open mind when you read or listen to McKenna's methods as you could find them illogical or counter-intuitive, at first. How you make it work will also depend on how you perceive neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) on which are based some of the premises of McKenna's program. For instance, he advocates eating when one is hungry, eating what one wants, enjoying the food that one eats, and eating until one's full, and stopping thereafter. You are likely to get thinner by following these tenets if you are not already abiding by them. You will see that in real life, many people do exactly the opposite of what these principles advocate. For instance, many eat even whether or not they are hungry, eat what they think they should be eating rather than what they enjoy and most people don't know when to stop. These eating habits have accrued from what we learned in childhood. Very often overeating results from an emotional void in the person eating, and that person doesn't know the reason for that void. This underscores the importance of understanding your thought patterns in order to amend behavior associated with such thought patterns. So to change behavior patterns, we must work to amend thought patterns first. Unless this is done, the person would go back to his old behavior pattern based on a return to his old thought pattern.

Final Review

The 'I can make you thin' book and TV show have plenty of useful information that goes to the depth of the problem of being overweight and reveal how this can be reversed to enable a person to accomplish a weight he/ she would be happier with. This is unlike any other weight-loss program and no attempt is being made to sell any diet food or other similar product. We would definitely recommend trying out Paul Mckenna's 'I can make you thin' system either on its own steam or as an augmentation to any other weight loss method you might be following.

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