Written by Joshua J. Haley on October 19, 2018
bottle of Infiniti Creations Inc Forskolin 60CT

Infiniti Creations Inc Forskolin 60CT - Does It Work?-Review

What is Infiniti Creations Inc Forskolin 60CT?

Forskolin 60ct is an herbal supplement, which provides support for individuals seeking to maintain a weight loss program. This product is made from an extract which is found in the roots of the Coleus Forskohlii plant. This extract has proven to be highly effective at promoting fat loss as well as providing an appetite suppressing function. This product supports the body to burn existing fat and to prevent the formation of new fat cells. Read our review of Forskolin 60ct below to decide if this is the right product for you.

Ingredients & How It Works

This product is made solely from Forskolin extract. It contains a standardized concentration of 20% to ensure that it is effective in its capacity of appetite suppressant. This product works to assist in the management of a weight loss program by stimulating the release of fat cells that have been stored in the body. However, this alone is not effective to lose weight, a strict diet and exercise program must also be maintained for any weight loss to occur. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s website is very vague and does not include any information on fillers, binders or preservatives, which could possibly be included in the product.

Daily Serving

The manufacturers of this product recommend a daily dosage of 250mg daily. Each capsule contains 125mg of Forskolin extract. On their website, the manufacturers suggest that you take one capsule twice daily with a meal. According to our research, this recommendation of 250mg daily may not be effective. Various other similar products recommend at least 500mg to be taken daily to maximize the benefits of the Forskolin extract.

The Cost

This product is sold for $17,50 for a single sample bottle which contains 60 capsules. However, their online store seems to indicate that the manufacturer caters to individuals who resell this product. If you buy in bulk the price of a single bottle drops significantly. Although the discounts are great it does not seem very practical for the average user as most people do not need to purchase more than 50 bottles of a supplement.


The manufacturers of this product offer a lifetime guarantee on their product. Their website states that if you are at all unsatisfied with the quality of their products you are welcome to return it for a full refund. However, we were a little confused about their policies regarding products that have already been opened.

Our Review Summary of Forskolin 60ct

In this review of Forskolin 60ct, we found that this product could be used to maintain and support you on your weight loss journey. We were impressed by the fact that this product only contains natural ingredients and is suitable for vegans. Unfortunately, we found that Forskolin 6ct does not meet industry standards when it came to their recommended dosage. We were also quite concerned by the fact that the manufacturers of this product do not offer special offers for individuals who would like to order in bulk, they seem to cater only to wholesalers.

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