Written by Geoffrey S. Blunt on June 17, 2018
bottle of Jublia

Jublia - Does It Really Work?-Review

What is Jublia?

This is a review of Jublia. It is an FDA-approved, prescription topical solution used to treat fungal infections of the toenails specifically. Through this review of Jublia, you will get a better understanding of what this particular anti-fungal medication can do. The best way to make an educated decision is to learn about the product you want to sample. We have provided all the information that you might need just below. From here you can determine if Jublia is right for you and the fungal problems you are experiencing.

Ingredients & How It Works

As best as could be determined through sources online, 10% of the solution is made of a prescription medicine exclusively designed to eliminate fungal growth and infections around the toenails. It is not specified what this is exactly, nor are any of the other ingredients listed either. It is difficult to validate the effectiveness of the ingredients or the product as a whole without some idea of what it is made out of.

Daily Serving

Using this product seems to be a rather simple process. It comes in a bottle with a built-in applicator. This self-moistens with the solution when the bottle is uncapped and turned upside down. You then only need to move a droplet of the solution around the entirety of each toenail to apply the solution. It is recommended that an additional droplet is applied to the upper cuticle of the big toes, allowing the solution to seep under the nail. You only do this process once a day, but treatment lasts for 48 weeks.

The Cost

Given that this is a prescription, the cost is going to vary based on a number of factors. The primary factor to consider is the insurance that you have, and whether or not that insurance is going to pay for some or all of the cost of the medicine. On the official website, the price is not listed but after some research, we found out that it costs $539 for a 4 ml bottle.


There is rarely ever a guarantee to be found when it comes to prescription medications, and Jublia is no exception. It seems that the manufacturer is relying on word of mouth to sell this product without thinking of giving peace of mind to their customers.

Our Review Summary of Jublia

There are many significant positive attributes that might encourage you to talk to your doctor about getting started with Jublia. All in all, it seems that most people who are using this product are able to get rid of their toe fungus, many additional people are able to repair the nail damage as well. There are not a lot of posted positive reviews for this product online. However, there are some missing pieces of information and red flags about the product as well. For example, the ingredient list is not disclosed. It is always a little unsettling when a manufacturer does not tell you what's in the formula. Even though prescription drugs rarely seem to come with a money back or replacement guarantee, we would have liked to have seen one for this product. This topical solution requires a prescription, which might deter some customers. Not everyone likes having to go to their doctor for every little thing. Not to mention unsightly toenail fungus might not be what you want everyone knowing about you. It is a drawback, to say the least. Most prescriptions comes with a high price and Jublia is no exception. We thought it was very expensive. However, most insurance plans will cover some of the costs.

While it seems as though there are plenty of things that might make you hesitate about this medicine, the statistics are what they are. A lot of people have had positive results and are happy with their purchase.

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