Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on June 7, 2018
Keto Premium for Weight Loss

Keto Premium Review - Does It Work?

What is Premium Certified Keto?

We will review Keto Premium manufactured by Premium Certified. This product is made up of a high concentration of four different types of BHB ketones that actively work to boost ketosis. This causes an increase in fat burning which can help you to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. It also contains MCT Oil which has many health benefits and is much easier to digest than other oils. Lastly, BioPerine is included in this high quality formula to aid absorption into the body. This supplement claims to replenish lost electrolytes in the body, which will help you to maintain a good level of energy throughout your day.

To recap Keto Premium contains:

  • Four different types of BHB ketones
  • MCT Oil
  • BioPerine

If you want to lose weight and you are looking for a dietary supplement that can support healthy lifestyle choices then this product may be able to help you. For more detailed information regarding this product, read the rest of our review below.

Ingredients & How It Works

  • Four different types ofBeta-Hydroxybutyrate ketones
    • Calcium 
    • Magnesium 
    • Sodium 
    • Potassium 
  • MCT Oil
  • BioPerine Black Pepper

This product contains no fillers or binders and is vegan friendly. The ingredients in this product work together to improve the level of ketosis in the body. Ketones are used as fuel in all cells, which indirectly help to create a bigger energy output allowing you to burn fat faster. This can also result in a lower blood glucose and insulin levels that can lower your risk of developing certain cancers. Lower insulin levels are also associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. The MCT oil, like other medium-chain triglycerides, in this formula can also help you lose weight because it is quickly burned and metabolized into energy. The Bioperine in this product helps your body to absorb all of the above-mentioned nutrients more efficiently, which can help to maximize your weight loss efforts.

Daily Serving

It is recommended by the manufacturer (Premium Certified) that you take 3 capsules per day. Take one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the afternoon followed by the last capsule at night. If you are pregnant, nursing or suffering from a serious medical condition then you have to consult your doctor before taking this product or any other supplements.

The Cost

You can order this product online directly from the manufacturer’s website to get great deals. Each bottle contains enough supplements to last exactly a month if you follow the dosage instructions. One bottle costs $48, three bottles cost $30 each, four bottles cost $28 each and six bottles cost $23 each. If you buy this product in bulk then you will save a substantial amount of money, making this supplement quite competitive price wise. You can also buy Keto Premium on Amaxon or other retailer sites but we saw that the discounts are not the same across the board.


Keto Premium comes with a 90-day money back guarantee which ensures you peace of mind if you do decide to try it out. You are welcome to return all opened or unopened bottles to receive your full refund if you find that this product did not live up to its claims. This type of guarantee is not easy to find as most manufacturers do not provide guarantees and certainly not for 90 days!! So, we were quite impressed that Premium Certified offered such an extended trial period.

Our Review Summary of Keto Premium

We feel that this product is one of the most competitive products on the market when it comes to its quality, contents, price and guarantee. This product is third party tested and monitored for QA, it contains four different types ofBeta-Hydroxybutyrate ketones (most rpoducts only contain 2 maybe 3), MCT Oil and BioPerine for extra health benefits (most product don't contain these ingredients). It is affordable since you save so much money when buying in bulk and it comes with a great 90-day guarantee (most products usually do not come with such a long trial period or guarantee). We also feel that this product is very accessible and inclusive since it is vegan friendly. All the ingredients in this product have been scientifically evaluated and been clinically proven to be effective, which ensures that this product is of high quality.

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