Written by Joshua J. Haley on June 3, 2018
bottle of KetoLogic Keto BHB Go

KetoLogic Keto BHB Go - Does It Work?-Review

What is KetoLogic Keto BHB Go?

This is a review of Keto BHB Go, a dietary supplement manufactured by KetoLogic. This supplement is claimed to suppress appetite cravings by controlling them, while stimulating the brain and body by enhancing electrolytes and ketones. What's more, this health product may provide after lunch energy in addition to fuelling cerebral and physical performance in general.

Ingredients & How It Works

One scoop of unflavored powder provide:

  • Calcium (365 mg)
  • Magnesium (168 mg)
  • Sodium (630 mg)
  • Potassium (383 mg)
  • Beta hydroxybutyrate (6 g)
  • Sodium beta hydroxybutyrate (bhb)
  • Calcium bhb
  • Magnesium bhb
  • Trihydrate
  • Tripotassium citrate
  • Silicon dioxide

The flavored powder, for instance apple-pear or cucumber-lime flavor, has natural flavors, malic acid, stevia extract, turmeric powder, and spirulina extract.

Magnesium assists to improved energy, calms the nerves, and decreases anxiety. It likewise helps with sleep, and with digestion and reprieve from muscle pain and discomfort. Calcium: in addition the benefits in constructing and preserving tough bones, calcium is also required for the nerves, heart, as well as muscles to function healthy. Beta Hydroxybutyrate (BHB): these salts, when released into the bloodstream, will assist to improve insulin sensitivity, and regulate blood-sugar levels, decreasing hunger cravings.

Daily Serving

The manufacturer’s recommendation is to mix one (1) scoop of the powder per eight to 12 ounces of water. This may changed based on individual palate. The powder may be used when required, during the course of the day. The maker mentions taking two (2) scoops with 16 to 24 ounces of water first thing in the morning, to substitute your regular breakfast meal, and to help maintain the ketones up. Take the powder between meals to regulate hunger cravings and maintain your energy levels stable. Take this product before, during, or after each training session, to deliver the body with energy.

The Cost

Keto BHB Go is obtainable on the company’s own website at $99.99 per bottle providing 60 portions. No discounts are offered by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, this health product is presented in diverse flavors and no shipping fee is charged. There is a choice from unflavored, cucumber-lime, apple-pear, orange-mango and grape. The identical product is also offered on third-party sites for instance Amazon, in a smaller, 30 serving size, at $59.99 per bottle.


The maker of this supplement does offer a full money-back guarantee on their manufactured goods. Consumers may send back the product within 30-days to be eligible for the refund. Although consumer need not provide any reason.

Our Review Summary Of Keto BHB Go

This all-natural dietary supplement may be used to cut down and slim down, and to boost energy levels. It is also accessible in various diverse flavors. There is a money-back pledge offered. Additionally, although restricted (6 on the company’s website, and 33 on Amazon), the reviews are generally encouraging. Nonetheless, the business does not offer any package deals and discounts on this health product. Finally, it should also be declared that this merchandise is not made in a cGMP-certified facility, which would have indicated that the components are as stated on the bottle’s label.

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