Written by Diana M. Lowe on May 9, 2018
bottle of Kramer Laboratories Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot

Kramer Laboratories Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot - Does It Work?-Review

What Is Kramer Laboratories Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot?

A lot of people all over the world have had bouts with fungi on their bodies. While this is a little-discussed fact, it is nice to know that there are products out there that are specifically designed to combat this occurrence. Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot claims to be fast acting, to cure tough fungal infections and to help restore the skin. Through this review, you will be introduced to Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot and then have the information that you need to make an informed decision about purchasing it or not.

Ingredients & How It Works

Though there are other inactive ingredients that have to be present within this anti-fungal solution, the only listed active component is undecylenic acid. According to credible medical sources online, undecylenic acid is intended almost specifically to treat fungal infections on the skin when used topically. This product claims that its acid concentration is 25%, which is the highest available for over-the-counter medications.

Daily Serving

The recommended use for this product is to apply it under your nails and around the cuticles twice a day. There are no specifications as to how thick the application needs to be, and it is more or less suggested that you should do what feels like enough. Both sizes of the product offer a sort of applicator to limit excessive overuse. There is an instructional video available to show how to properly apply the solution, which in its own way divulges the appropriate amount of the medicine to be used.

The Cost

The cost of Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot varies based on the size that you select. As its official website suggests, the product is only available in two varieties. You can get a pen applicator or the larger 1 oz. bottle with a brush applicator. Depending on where you are purchasing the medicine from, both options will fall in line somewhere around 8 dollars.


The official website for Fungi-Nail has a link to information regarding its guarantee for the product, but the link takes you to an error page. Upon reviewing the product through other retailers on the internet, there is never any mention of a money back or replacement guarantee. This is strange considering the positive reviews found all over the internet but still offers some doubt to the effectiveness of this solution.

Our Review Summary of Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot

There are numerous positive aspects about this product through the research we have conducted.

  • Price

In terms of anti-fungal medications, they can be quite costly. With the supposed high concentration and strength of this solution, the lower cost is quite surprising.

  • Reviews

This product is very highly regarded on the internet. While you might not always trust the reviews listed on the official website, you can usually look to independent retailers to get the real scoop about how people feel. It seems that people really like this product.

  • Applicators

The ease of use for this product is one thing that seemingly sets it apart from a lot of the other options.

There are some slight red flags that would urge you to proceed with caution as well, though.

  • No Guarantees

Without being able to access this part of the website, it would seem that currently there is no money back guarantee to speak of. Even with the high praise for the product, it still leaves some room for doubt without this.

  • No Ingredients Listed

While it has the main ingredient used to treat fungal infections on the skin, there are no other listed ingredients. This is also a little unnerving.

It would seem as though the high praise wins out for Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot. Gathering information from numerous websites, some even showing documented evidence of their successes, it would appear that this product does indeed deliver what it claims to do.

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