Written by Diana M. Lowe on June 3, 2018
Lancôme L’Absolu Rosy Plump for Plumper Lips

Lancome L'Absolu Rosy Plump - Does It Work?-Review

In the following review the product L’Absolu Rosy Plump by the company Lancôme will be examined. This product claims to maintain lip hydration throughout the day, helping lips appear plump and full. A sheer rosy tint will appear. This lip-enhancing product may be used over lipstick. However, to understand this product better, and to truly examine the manufacturer’s claims, continue reading this review. Discover the facts about this product. Learn the truth about the good aspects of this skincare product and all the negative aspects of this product to make an informed decision on this product.


  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Castor oil

The key ingredients in the formula support plumpness and hydration of the lips. Castor oil helps to lock in moisture, hydrating the lips. However, effective lip-enhancing products contain at least five patented and clinically proven ingredients. This product falls short in this regard.


User instructions are minimal, not allowing for optimal outcomes. The consumer is simply told to apply this product generously to the lips. Time of day or number of times per day are not suggested.


This product is available directly from the manufacturer’s own website where a 0.27-ounce container costs $25.00. As the price per unit is less than $49.00, a shipping fee applies. The company offers no discounts or bundle deals, except on its subscription service. As part of this service the consumer can receive 15% discount and free shipping. However, these programs are notoriously difficult to cancel, the consumer’s credit card being deducted on a regular basis.


The company’s guarantee policy is very vague. The consumer must complete an application form; however, the time period for returning the goods or the condition in which they should be returned are not stipulated.

Conclusion of Our L’Absolu Rosy Plump Review

The product L’Absolu Rosy Plump by the company Lancôme appears at first glance to be a useful product for lip enhancement. There is a guarantee on this product, albeit that the pledge is unclear. There is a 15% discount on this product. This is only applicable if consumers subscribe to the product, thus becoming locked in to a subscription, their credit cards being deducted on a regular basis. Otherwise, the company offers no discounts or package deals which can help the consumer to save money and be rewarded for loyalty over the years. The quantities of the active ingredients are not disclosed. Research has shown that active ingredients should comprise at least 10% of the total formula to be effective. In addition, it should be stated that there is a sufficient amount of other similar products on the goods which disagreeable characteristics are less than the supportive features. More so that are crammed with patented in addition clinically proven elements that are known to work, that have firm guarantees, a generous amount of purchaser reviews, very outstanding package deals that save the consumer money in addition reward them for their relentless loyalty additionally very beneficial websites – which contrast from this unambiguous lip skincare product.

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