Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on April 25, 2018

Lifestrength Bracelets-Review

The Lifestrength Bracelet is among the bracelets that has hit the market as an energy enhancer. Apparently this is not the first one as we have seen several come up in the recent past. These products are usually shrouded with mystery as no one seems to really understand how they work. With renowned show business people featuring in the advertisements, the products tend to look more practical and reliable. With an individual well known for his great skills in what he does, it is evident that people will believe there definitely is something more positive to this product. Lifestrength ionic attributes are quite different compared to those said to use magnetism.

About the Product

Jewelry has now become a symbol of steadiness, power and vigor through the Lifestrength Bracelets. For a couple of years now it has been claimed that when an individual wears this particular bracelet they have more of power in life, more energized characteristics and a bigger approach to life with more vigor. The notion that the bracelet on the arm, which is supposedly able to produce balanced elements for an individual could be a myth or a fact.

How it Works

Gemstones and minerals are used in crafting the Lifestrength Bracelets, but there is more to them than meets the eye. They contain ions, the negative ones to be precise. It is claimed that the bracelets are vitamins that you can wear. “The vitamin you wear' is the phrase they go by. This is to mean that some products such as bracelets and watches have nutritional value; only in a less conventional way. Anion is a word that you might have heard in a chemistry class. Protons are known for their negativity in charges, the anions that are being spoken of are ions that contain a larger number of electrons. The buyer usually has a hard job of deciding whether to believe in a company that crafts items with inbuilt protons. Questions like, how long the charge in the bracelet lasts or whether its job is done once you have used it once will linger. You will hear of the word ‘nano' mentioned severally. The bracelets allegedly squash minerals to billions of bits. A company that can stand and attest to using the molecular and atomic scales and their manipulative matter (nanotech) raises a lot of eyebrows. It's alright to say that elements are squashed to tiny bits, but saying that the particles are crushed to nano size is simply an overstatement. It is unlikely that the manufactures of this product could have access to the kind of equipment that would be needed to achieve such a feat. So how does this product work? They claim that anions are absorbed into the bloodstream after penetrating the skin and energize the body by working at the cellular level. Apparently, it these anions work on the mitochondria of the cells to increase the levels of serotonin. The facts are not clear; all you have is the hype that the technology incorporated is top-notch. The LifeStrength Bracelets are really hard to explain as you cannot exactly tell whether there is any nanotech feature involved. The whole mambo jumbo of ions is a hard sell as its virtually impossible to control toxicity and at the same time give the body positive charge.

How Much it Costs

LifeStrength Bracelets will cost you around thirty dollars and this includes shipment costs. There are other products that are way too costly like the watches whose price range is between sixty dollars to two hundred dollars. Sometimes you even pay more.

How You Make it Work

Well, it is alright and very vital to get positive toxins in and negative ones out and everyone should work at that. It's okay to go for reasonable ways of doing that, but the mere don of a bracelet quite doesn't add up especially if you want results. Through positive charged meals you can get results or by simply keeping your diet in check. You can also take ionized water for real results. The LifeStrength Bracelets are perfectly set and advertised in that it is hard to disapprove what they are all about. It is evident that many people go wrong because they look for available and quick ways to solve issues within them that they want to get rid of fast. It's said that wearing it day and night is the ultimate solution to results, put it on and watch it work for you.

Final Review

The production of negatively charged ions is a process that the LifeStrength Company cannot prove, a bet can be put on it. Sense can be made out of the theory behind the power bracelets but there is a lot to be explained. Another confusing and unbelievable thing is that the negatively charged ions are able to access the body and into the blood and release the positivity they are said to produce. Serotonin is not produced due to the intrusion of a negatively charged ion which is said to act on the mitochondria. People do not want to disregard this product, the available positive reviews can only be attributed to compensated endorsements and mere gestures.The bracelet does not do anything that is just it. If you are in for some reviews that help, those made by people who have used the product, you will be in a firsthand position to know the reliability of the product in terms of how well it does for an individual.


It a little too exaggerated that you get so much with the molecular processes involved with the LifeStrength Bracelet. It has not come to that level where a thirty dollars product can be made with so much goodness and technology and yet offer efficiency. Yoga is the ultimate resort if balance if enhanced balance is what you are looking for.

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