Written by Joshua J. Haley on May 23, 2018


Lipozene is definitely a product that is highly televised and advertised. You most likely know or have heard about it.

The manner in which they encourage people to go for the product is interesting not to mention the numerous times that the ads are done. Losing weight is something that anyone who feels they are overweight wants to achieve, albeit through different avenues. Being overweight can be frustrating, especially if you have been struggling to lose it. With time, you become desperate, and you go for anything that promises rapid weight loss.

About lipozene

The advertisement and information in their website insist that lipozene is clinically tested, but it comes with no evidence of where and when the tests were done. There is so much uncertainty revolving around this claim. Scientists and doctors in the lipozene company's laboratory could run tests and declare the product safe. The results of the tests of course are geared towards making lipozene look good and suitable. There is excessive advertising of the Lipozene pills, making it nuisance. Television has gotten an extra share of creative advertisement through these pills. The target market being, the weight concerned woman who has no time for workouts. It is claimed that lipozene will make you eat less. Lipozene causes the stomach to expand, creating that feeling of fullness. It is also claimed that, lipozene, aids in digestion as it contains fibrous elements that enhance food passage through the digestive system.

How it Works

The marketing in these pills is directed at people who have tried losing fat to no avail. It's interesting that, this product targets the elimination of body fat and not the body weight as a whole. The advertisement states that that lipozene has a promotional offer, just to get people buying. Lipozene is still on offer, months later. This goes to show that the term offer is being used to make people buy. It should not come as a surprise when, a year later, it is still on offer. This is just another marketing strategy, for this company to get you to buy lipozene. Lipozene has been termed as the product of excellence by its manufacturers. A gold seal was actually awarded to them by themselves, for allegedly making 10,000,000 bottles sales. The marketing group or individual must be really smart to make the company the best seller in their own right. The product selling in bits and bounds does not make it credible. The company state that the percentages of body fat lost through the use of lipozene is 78% in a pound, as lipozene is a sponge dietary fiber. This is yet to be clinically proven. It is really hard to understand just how lipozene dietary fibre property works to soak up three quarters of fat in every pound. The company also goes ahead to brand lipozene to be a power weight lose pill. They claim that the use of lipozene does not require any lifestyle changes to show results.

How much it Costs

With $30, you get to purchase two bottles inclusive of shipping prices as it is a trial offer. You also get other additional pills as a bonus. These pills also come with money back guarantee. It is easy for you to file a cash back claim if you are dissatisfied with lipozene. You can bet that the profits are high enough to payback guys who did not like the product.

How you make it Work

The claim that lipozene will work without the aid of a diet or exercise, is rather disturbing. They clam that you only have to take two pills before meals and you're good to go. The manufactures claim that lipozene was created with the busy schedules of the users in mind. Such products like lipozene should be wiped off the market. It is impossible to lose weight with just the use of pills, without exercise and dieting. The claims that lipozene can work without this two aspects is false. The last thing you want to do is, put your overall health to test because the lipozene website says you can. The information on this website is to grasp the attention of lazy people who want to lose weight without straining.

No proof yet

It is interesting that they base they study on a research conducted on university students. If you look at it averagely, you will see that each student lost half of a pound in one week. Documentation of this study is something that you will find hard to come across. Manufacturers of diet pills are people you should be careful with; there is more to what they say about the pills. The variation in results is present depending on the users, is something witty that they have included in their description. They also go further and say that one is advised to exercise and diet, making it likely that people who have made testimonials were helped by the exercise programs and strict diets as they were on Lipozene. It is quite confusing; you are left to wonder what facilitated the weight loss. You don't need to think much about it; it's either the exercises or the diets.

Final Review

Lipozene is one of the diet pills you need to avoid because it's unsafe. You actually tend to be on the losing end when it comes to these pills. You can't get value for your money and nothing positive will come out of using the product health wise. It is even difficult to achieve weight loss using natural methods; since you will be stuck on the notion that there is no need to work at the weight loss for a healthier you. Lipozene is devoid of any healthy ingredients. The ingredients are actually not even sensible when it comes to losing weight. It's all a ploy to get people buying since they clearly call upon individuals who have tried every other thing and it did not work. If you are consistent with regular to non-strenuous exercises, healthy foods in your day to day diet then you are guaranteed results. It is as simple as loving yourself.

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