Written by Tim A. Davis on July 10, 2018


Medifast seeks to grab a sizeable market share of the market diet food delivery programs. It does this by sending buyers all the food they need to make them completely dependent on the company, even after the food plan has run its course. The program is devised to help people who need to lose a large amount of weight and the food looks frugal, compared to other diet programs.

About the Product

At a time when diet food delivery programs are becoming increasingly popular, Medifast is aiming at a specific niche of people who are under medical advice to shed weight, or in other words, those who answer to the technical description of obesity or overweight. That calls for drastic measures when their good health is dependent on shedding a lot of weight to the extent that their doctors have had to intervene and advise them to that effect.

How it Works

The company claims, rather simply, that subscription to its program will help people lose weight quickly, safely and easily. Though the program might help shed weight quickly, we are not certain about the safety of such a program, in the long run. For instance, the program does not include fruits and vegetables that give nutritional content. Also, we are not certain about how easy adhering to such a program is likely to be, as it will be hard for you to ignore the natural cravings of your body for more food. Additionally, the program requires you to eat throughout the day and that is not necessarily a healthy thing. The body has its own clock by which it decides to release its digestive fluids. Thus, your bodily system is not always ready to eat a meal. With the continually bombardment of food your digestive system is subjected to, by your eating five or six times in a day, your food might not get properly digested.

How Much it Costs

Buying 20 packages of food at Amazon will cost you $320, including $20 shipping, which works out to $15 per package. It will work out cheaper if you order directly from the company's website, where 143 servings will cost you $340.

How You Make it Work

This program needs a load of determination and resolve on the part of the user to make it work. It involves ingesting the same type of meal, every day, with dry and dehydrated food that you have to add water to. Apart from not finding it delicious, you will also have become inured to the notion that you might need to stick to this diet indefinitely, for as long as it takes to achieve your target weight.

Final Review

Food of dubious quality that doesn't taste good and is sold in dry packets can never be a healthy alternative to fresh food made from organic ingredients that are available in neighborhood shops. Add to that the fact that it all carries a premium price tag and you end up making the manufacturer rich. The real gainer of this diet delivery program is the manufacturer of Medifast which gets to sell its food items, wholesale, knowing very well that a retail buyer would reject them after an initial purchase. It makes more sense for the dieter to make lifestyle changes aimed at getting you gradually back to good health, in subtle unnoticeable ways. That way you can continue to eat tasty food at an affordable price and not have to suffer hunger pangs or other withdrawal symptoms. Weight loss can be better accomplished than by having to replace normal tasty food with a dry not-so-tasty diet from Medifast. Merely being able to shed pounds does not necessarily imply that such a program has been successful. What matters more is your health in the long run that such a program is likely to impair thereby negating the weight loss benefit. As you did not put on weight overnight, you also need to lose it in a similar gradual way. There's a good likelihood that the Medifast program might not work for you and you might end up giving in to the hunger pangs it is likely to induce. It is purely a calorie restricted diet that has been shown to fail on several occasions in the past.

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