Written by Rita C. Hartman on August 27, 2018
bottle of Natrogix Ultra Pure Melatonin

Natrogix Ultra Pure Melatonin - Does It Work?-Review

What is Natrogix Ultra Pure Melatonin?

In this review we will take a closer look at Ultra Pure Melatonin, manufactured by Natrogix. This product is created with a potent level of melatonin to help regulate sleep rhythms, offer antioxidant support to the immune system, and reduce anxiety. It claims to target sleeplessness and better one’s overall health. To learn more about the ingredients in Natrogix Ultra Pure Melatonin and how it works, read our review below.

Ingredients & How It Works

  • Melatonin
  • Soybean oil
  • Gelatin
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Organic beeswax
  • Purified water

The manufacturer of Ultra Pure Melatonin claim that the main active ingredient of 5 mg melatonin in each softgel will make you fall faster asleep and stay asleep for longer. It helps with circadian rhythm, reducing anxiety, and helping with that occasional sleeplessness. The recommended dosage of melatonin per day is 6 mg for it to be effective. Natrogix Ultra Pure Melatonin is just under this level and may be that one gram too little from working optimally.

Daily Serving

The manufacturer recommends taking 1 softgel daily. It is better to take it with a meal or by consulting your healthcare professional for advice. It is unclear when in the day one should take the softgel. It is recommended that one must not exceed the serving size in a day. Pregnant and lactating women, persons under the age of 18, and persons on medication should consult their practitioner before the use of this dietary supplement.

The Cost

After much research, we were unable to find any evidence of a price. Natrogix Ultra Pure Melatonin is not found on the manufacturer’s website and although it is found on Amazon, it states that the product is currently unavailable. It is also stated that they are unsure when this product will be in stock and if it will be in stock again. Without a price or the possibility of purchasing it, customers will look for an alternative product.


The manufacturer offers a 365-day money-back guarantee on all products you are unsatisfied with. It does not state directly if products may be opened, damaged or unopened. This is a very weak guarantee which may put customers at risk when purchasing Natrogix Ultra Pure Melatonin.

Our Review Summary of Natrogix Ultra Pure Melatonin

There are a few things we like about Natrogix Ultra Pure Melatonin. It contains one active ingredient, Melatonin which is an essential ingredient for insomnia. The manufacturer also offers a 365-day money-back guarantee on all products. Unfortunately, there are many negative aspects. The dosage of 5 mg might be a little low for the effects to be positive and it is unclear when in the day the softgels should be taken. A more concerning matter though is that there is no evidence found of a price for Natrogix Ultra Pure Melatonin and that it is out of stock. The product can also no longer be found on the manufacturer’s website. A weak guarantee is also offered as there is no indication to what the condition the product must be in if you want to return it. After all these negative aspects, a customer is better off choosing a different product. These concerns prevent us from recommending Natrogix Ultra Pure Melatonin.

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