Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on April 14, 2018
Naturewise Green Coffee Bean for Weight Loss

Naturewise Green Coffee Bean - Does It Work?-Review

What is Naturewise Green Coffee Bean?

To find out everything about Green Coffee Bean, we decided to review it and disclose our findings throughout this review. Consumers will be well educated about the product after reading our review. We have seen that the product was made to boost your metabolism and act as a fat burner. The product is designed to support healthy weight management. The product is vegetarian-friendly and non-GMO.

Ingredients & How It Works

The main ingredient used in the product is Green Coffee Bean Extract. The manufacturer chose that ingredient since it is known for boosting metabolism and burning fat. The inactive ingredient in the product is Vegetable Cellulose and Organic Rice Bran Extract.

Daily Serving

You need to speak to a health professional before you consume the product to ensure that you do not suffer from side effects. The recommendation manufacturer made is that you consume 1 capsules twice daily with water. The doses should be half an hour before a meal. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

The Cost

Each bottle consists of 60 vegetarian capsules. The product is available for purchase from the official website for $30.50. The manufacturer reduced the price of the product but did not include the courier fare in the purchase price; therefore, consumers must pay it.


The manufacturer did not provide a guarantee for the product. If you do not see results from the product, your money had been wasted since there is no opportunity for a refund. Since the manufacturer did not offer a refund, it is like an admission that it does not believe the product can produce results for every consumer.

Our Review Summary Of Green Coffee Bean

Considering we took a close look at the product and gathered all the facts, we can make conclusions about each aspect of the product. We discovered the manufacturer made the product to boost your metabolism and act as a fat burner. The product is designed to support healthy weight management. The product is vegetarian-friendly and non-GMO. We have seen the flaws in the product, as well, while scrutinizing it. The manufacturer recommended that 1 capsules should be consumed twice daily but did not state the time of day that should take place so that consumers can achieve the best results and prevent adverse effects. Consumers have to pay the courier fee to receive the product since the manufacturer did not include it in the purchase price. One of the major flaws in the product is the guarantee. The manufacturer did not include it in the product. That means consumers are putting their money on the line when they purchase it. The only time a manufacturer will include a guarantee for the product is when it is certain that the product can produce results every time. That is not the case with this product. Numerous consumers complained about the product not producing results. They stated it did not help to boost their metabolism or burn fat.

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