Written by Rita C. Hartman on August 25, 2018
Neostrata Lash Enhancer Serum for Eye Lash & Eye Brow

Neostrata Lash Enhancer Serum - Does It Work?-Review

What is Neostrata Lash Enhancer Serum?

The subsequent review focuses on the product manufactured by the company Neostrata, Lash Enhancer Serum. The manufacturer claims that this product is a triple-action treatment containing clinically proven ingredients to make eyelashes and eyebrows stronger, helping them grow and appear thicker. Continue reading this review to learn the facts of this product − the ingredients and how they work; how to apply the product, the cost, and whether there is a guarantee.

Ingredients & How It Works

  • SymPeptide 10.0%
  • PhytoCellTec 2.0%

This eyelash product contains only these two patented ingredients. SymPeptide has been proven to help enhance the visual appearance of the volume and thickness of eyelashes in less than two weeks. This ingredient offers lipo-oligopeptide to the eyelashes. The other patented ingredient, PhytoCellTec, helps to defend the skin’s stem cells, while preventing hair follicles from damage. These ingredients are beneficial; together they amount to 12% of the total contents of the product. However, there are still only two patented ingredients, instead of at least five patented, clinically proven ingredients.


User instructions are to apply the product to clean and dry eyelashes once to twice daily. This product may also be used on eyebrows. The manufacturer warns that this product should not be used by children, and that contact with the eyes should be avoided. In addition, the manufacturer of this serum states that the product might cause a stinging sensation: should this not disappear, the user should cease using this product.

The Cost

This eyelash product is available online, directly from the manufacturer of the product via their website. A 3 ml-bottle costs $60.00. The manufacturer offers no package deals with discounts to consumers.


Despite our research efforts, no manufacturer’s guarantee of any kind was found for this product. This is a concern: it may imply that the company claims are not true.

Our Review Summary Of Lash Enhancer Serum

The eyelash and eyebrow enhancing product, Lash Enhancer Serum, does appear effective, particularly since the formula combines the strength of two patented, clinically proven ingredients. User instructions are simple and clear enough for the purchaser to achieve optimal results. However, our research found some shortcomings. First, the lack of a guarantee is a concern: this leaves the consumer unprotected. Second, the company offers no discounts or bulk offers which could save money while rewarding loyal clients for their support. Third, even though the key ingredients are impressive, scientific studies have shown that an effective formula should contain at least five patented, clinically proven ingredients, and not just two, as with this product. More so, it should also be mentioned that there are many other products on the market at the moment that claims to deliver the same as this product, however they have much stronger ingredients and firm guarantees that protect the consumer, but also very attractive package deals with super discounts where the consumer can save over the long term. This product simply just not have these to offer the consumer.

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