Written by Tim A. Davis on August 17, 2018


The availability of celebrities claiming how Nutrisystem has worked for them has probably made you wonder if it can offer you results too. It appears to have taken the win; it eliminates all doubt in what one should eat during weight loss by providing the food that an individual should be eating. Many people on diets complain about how there is no much information on the diets that they are supposed to go for to facilitate weight loss. With a delivery service that brings all the foods to your doorstep, the only things left to do is microwave the dish and eat.

About the Product

The food by Nutrisystem is claimed to help one lose weight. The foods that they provide have low Glycemic Index and are in small fractions. They will always advocate for frequent eating in the course of the day. The advertising and endorsement features that come with Nutrisystem are immense in that it has become very popular. So far it is evidently the number one diet delivery program available in the market. The celebrities that talk about the results of the program make Nutrisystem seem unique. You are left to wonder what makes the system exceptional and what did the celebrity do to achieve the said results.

How it Works

Diet programs are hard to keep up with, and so is this one. You will definitely get an urge to eat out of the program. The individual will only be strict on that diet; there will be no requirements to supplement with any other foods, so a lot of dedication is required. There are loopholes to this program as they clearly state that you can merge foods from the program with foods bought from the store. This means that you can go to the grocery store and purchase what you want to eat; the program has no self-contained feature. People tend to think that once you are on the Nutrisystem you will need no restaurants, fast foods and grocery stuff. All the weight loss programs stick to telling their members to more through the day as it enhances the metabolism rate; Nutrisystem is one such a program that sticks to that concept. The catch is that if you tend to eat a lot of times during the day there will be no urge to go big on a meal. The digestive system needs balance. If you are eating regularly, the digestion process will be quit tricky. The body needs ample time to breakdown the foods that get into the system. The foods have to be reheated, meaning that the food was prepared then frozen. It means that the freezing and reheating process will sap out some nutrients that are somehow essential in that food. You need to keep away from foods that have been previously prepared, frozen and reheated again; you do not want to end up with a nonnutritious dish on your plate.

How Much it Costs

Signing up for the Nutrisystem weight loss program has a catchy side; they offer a free week as promotion. It is obvious that the four weeks of food that you have to pay for will cater for the expense of the free food that you received for a week. People actually sign up regardless of it being a ploy by the company to get more consumers. The basic option package goes for $263; the gourmet program, on the other hand, goes for $290 People who choose to go for a trial option will have to pay more than others, the month by month program costs $386 and auto shipping price of around $120. Through repeat purchases, the surcharges are quit high since there are no automatic shipping options.

How you make it Work

There are no results at all, or there are mixed results if you don't eat the food that they deliver to you. Do not eat any other additional foods outside the program; eat what they have provided you with. Exercising programs are great; you can add to the system for better results.

Final Review

The Nutrisystem program makes sense alright; however, when looked at in another angle it clearly isn't what you need to keep healthy. There is no need for going for a system which has no guarantee, especially now that you don't know when and how it will work for you. They also recommend that the user snack up at the store, its no doubt that you will break the rules and end up getting off -course in no time. If you eat frozen and microwave dishes three times a day, it's obvious that you are setting an unhealthy trend for yourself. Nutrisystem makes losing weight seem so complicated, what is the use of having someone cook you meals months or weeks in advance. Avoid unhealthy foods in restaurants and adopt a healthy eating habit. Eat more fresh foods that supply the body with what it needs, instead of putting your trust on a company for a 100 % food supply. Nutrisystem is for you, the kind of person who has found it completely impossible to set a menu for yourself. If you have no idea what a balanced diet is, then you can sign up for this program. It would be great to have an idea on the food fraction sizes, combinations and assortments that can work well with you.

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