Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on December 4, 2018
NZ Natural Formulas Anti Jet-Lag for Jet Lag

NZ Natural Formulas Anti Jet-Lag - Does It Work?-Review

What is NZ Natural Formulas Anti Jet-Lag?

This is an in-depth review of NZ Natural Formulas Anti Jet-Lag, a product that claims to get you there and get you going. This review will cover ingredients, cost, and customer support among other offerings to assess if this product can provide you with optimal relief from jet lag.

Ingredients & How It Works

  • Arn 12x
  • Bellis Per -12C
  • Cocc - 6C, 12C, 30C
  • Coffea Crud - 12C

It is concerning to note that it was difficult to find the ingredient information of this product which had to be sourced from third-party sites. Furthermore, this product contains homeopathic ingredients that were vague and difficult to decipher. That being said, we are uncertain as to what “Arn 12x” is as well as the purpose it serves to the product. From what we could gather, the formula includes Bellis Perennis and Coffea Cruda which are used to promote sleep. Cocculus Indicus may also be another ingredient which is used to prevent drowsiness. Not only is this product missing a dual-action formula, it is also missing key active and clinically-proven ingredients such as L-ornithine, GABA, or Ashwagandha; which can support the associated symptoms of jet lag such as stress, anxiety, and low energy. Whatsmore, there is a lack of GMP certification which does not give customers peace of mind that market-standard quality processes were used during manufacture. This is a concern.

Daily Serving

This product comes in a spray bottle and it is suggested to take 4 sprays of the liquid under the tongue every 2 to 3 hours during your flight. It is concerning to note that a majority of the active ingredients are 30C and lower, meaning that formula is highly diluted. In saying so, this low concentration combined with no stated limitations of daily use support our concern in questioning product efficacy.   

The Cost

NZ Natural Formulas Anti Jet-Lag spray can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's website. The bottle comes in 30ml units and retails for $25,00. The website does not state how long this product may last and considering the low concentration of key ingredients, may result in an expensive accumulated cost. There appear to be no discounts or package offers available for this product.


There appears to be no manufacturer guarantee available for this product, which is a concern as it may indicate a lack of confidence in the products quality and effectiveness in relieving jet lag. This lack of customer support, along with absent customer reviews, suggests that this product may be incapable of fulfilling its claims.

Our Review Summary Of NZ Natural Formulas Anti Jet-Lag

NZ Natural Formulas Anti Jet-Lag contains some holistic ingredients that, although diluted, may be beneficial in supporting jet lag. However, the lack of a dual-action formula and the absence of key ingredients such as GABA and L-ornithine likely inhibit product effectiveness. While the cost seems adequate, there is no information stating how long this product will last or if it can deliver results. There is no manufacturer guarantee, no customer reviews, and important product information such as ingredients where difficult to find. These are a few reasons why we do not recommend this product as a jet lag solution when there are many more transparent and supported products available.

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