Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on August 12, 2018

Optimum Whey Protein-Review

The bodybuilding community is widely using muscle gaining supplements, hence the rise in their popularity over the years. One of them is Optimum Whey Protein. It comes in huge black tubs, having big block letters with the words 'whey protein'. You have most likely come across it if you are a bodybuilding enthusiast. The question that begs to be answered is; does it work and how effective is it? In-case you have ever entered a GNC, you have seen the huge tubs containing Optimum Whey Protein lined up in a shelf. You might wonder if the products are made by GNC, but it is not the case. The product is simply a big seller. The fact that a product gets bought often does not mean it is really effective. However, this brand has been in the market for quite a long time, meaning the manufacturers must have got something right.

What is Optimum Whey Protein?

This is a product that should help your body build new muscles by simply filling in all amino acid gaps that get left after you take a normal diet. Whey proteins are made by a manufacturer known as Optimum Nutrition. It is a company that has a really straightforward website and they do not make those outlandish claims many companies like to make. They show quite a number of bodybuilders next to each of their products. This might in a way make visitors think the bodybuilders got their amazing bodies from the use of the products. However, the company does not outwardly claim this. The manufacturers have made this product from the theory of the need for the average person to supplement their workouts.

How much does Optimum Whey Protein cost?

A good number of people say that this product is a sensible price per serving. This is simply because the prices of supplementation can be sky high as far as muscle building is concerned. A 2 pound tub of Optimum whey protein goes at a price in the region of $ 45. This quantity can last you a month or two, but it depends on the number of servings you take every day.

Making it work

There are a variety of opinions as far as how to use this product together with an exercise routine or work out plan is concerned. Some experts say it should be taken before your workout, while others recommend using it after. One of the gurus is Tim Ferriss, who in his book known as The Four Hour Body, points out that it should be taken 30 minutes before commencing your work out. He says that this allows it to get into the body, and it hits the bloodstream as you start the work out. Bill Philips, an expert from Body For Life suggests that it should be taken soon after completing the workout, and within 20 minutes to help recover. There are others still who recommend that it be used as a meal replacement. They argue that the user can have 5-6 meals each day without necessarily making as many different meals. You have freedom to use this supplement in the way you prefer, but you should ensure you use it rigorously if you dream of getting all the benefits.

Final Optimum Whey Protein review

The manufacturers of this product have not given enough information regarding the variety of products they have churned out recently. It is a notable achievement that the company improves their formula frequently, but stating the science behind this would be of immense importance. In relation to working, it works but as a high-quality whey protein. The issue of whether the product provides users with bigger and/or stronger muscles is purely subjective. While some people respond well to supplements, others do not. There are some people with bodies that will never build any muscle regardless of what they add to the bodies, with an exception of steroids. Others have bodies that easily build muscles after a couple of tweaks in regard to diet, or even some mild supplementing. There are a group of people who will report that they have tried the product before and it did not work. There is a possibility that they took it at the wrong times, or maybe they didn't perform their exercises in the right manner. Another group of people is likely to use the product together with others and report that it works. If our recommendation is something to go with, Optimum Whey Protein is a bargain if you believe in anything to do with whey protein and workout supplementation. This is a trusted brand that has literally established itself in the market. It keeps improving as every day dawns; hence, it is not what it was ten years ago. It is advisable you purchase the variety known as the all natural. It is produced by this company still, but it lacks the synthetic substances aimed at making it taste better.

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