Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on June 8, 2018


It can be very scary to discover that you can not breathe as required. There are many products out there meant to relieve users from this problem, and Phytocort is one of them. The big question is, is this product effective? The manufacturers of Phytocort hope that you find the answer to this question positive, after using the product. We also aim to thoroughly size it up to see whether it is something worth your time.

What is Phytocort?

Phytocort is a product from a company known as Nutricology. It is a company that makes quite a number of other health products through use of herbal ingredients. The company says that it has been in the business for 30 years, and they are out to maintain top notch control standards in each of their products. According to the manufacturer, the product is made from a combination of a total of four different and natural ingredients, for it to treat asthma and other breathing conditions. The four ingredients are shrubby sophora, noni, Chinese licorice and reishi. It is true the ingredients mentioned above are all natural, but this is not proof that they are safe. The product site cites a study showing that if the four ingredients were combined, they could lead to minimum reactions from allergy and asthma sufferers.

How does Phytocort work?

The manufacturers of this product recommend that first time users use it in large doses so that a significant amount of its ingredients gets into your system. After this, you begin a phase known as a maintenance phase.

How much does Phytocort cost?

The cost of this product is way over $40 per a single month supply. Their protocol requires you to take large doses of the product when you begin using it. You simply take more of these pills at the start stages than you take later on. This means that the first bottle won 't last the whole month.

Final review on Phytocort

This product is not too much hyped yet. They do not appear to advertise and promote the product vigorously. Literally, the manufacturing company is trying to make this product sound as medically based. They have made it seem like a winner, through emphasizing that it is made of natural ingredients. A deeper analysis on the product, however, shows that the study carried on the ingredients does not relate directly to the product. The ingredients included in Phytocort were proven to provide significant relief to asthmatic and allergy symptoms, but no studies were made on this product itself. This says a lot about the efficiency of the product. Citing a given report that says, apples, pears, bananas and grapefruit mixed together gives one energy is different from making a product out of the four and claiming that it is clinically tested. This claim does not hold water, simply because no one has closely tested the product to ascertain if you have gotten the mix right in the product. You might not have followed the same protocol the researchers followed in the study, meaning you do not have a right to claim that your product is effective. It is important to know that the study of the manufacturers of Phytocort mention was not directly done on their product directly. Their product literally happens to contain the ingredients mentioned in this study. It should not be assumed that the product is certain to have the same effect as shown in the study. Phytocort like all other products claiming to use natural ingredients should not be trusted. First of all, they are never regulated and users simply think that because they use natural ingredients, they are safe products to use. It is possible to experience harmful reactions and other side effects from using large concentrations of plant products and herbs, especially if they have not been introduced to your body normally. Another thing that raises suspicions in this product is their dosing instructions. They simply do not provide any calculations for the dosage suitable for each body size, or the different genders. It is true that all bodies are different in size, and its suspect saying that each person should take the same amount of the product. It is highly unlikely that you get any results after using Phytocort. Some people have, however, claimed to notice some improvement after they use it. The manufacturing company states that it should be taken under supervision from a physician. However, chances of getting a doctor who recommends it are slim. Just in-case you find any, it is important that they take your body size and weight into account, to help you know how much of the same you should take, and for what duration. It is not good to put your overall health in jeopardy. Asthma and other allergies can be scary, but Phytocort is definitely not a product to be trusted. It is true they use herbal ingredients, but it is not clear what they are going to do to your body.

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