Written by Diana M. Lowe on January 21, 2019
Plump It! Volumising Lip Plumper for Lip Plumper

Plump It! Volumising Lip Plumper - Does It Work?-Review

What’s in Plump It! Volumising Lip Plumper?

The following review is of the lip enhancing product Plump It! Volumising Lip Plumper. The maker of this product claims that it will offer softer, plumper, but also fuller lips in addition, that the results will be noticeable from the initial application. Carry on reading this review. Learn the real facts.

Ingredients & How It Works

  • Phenyl trimethicone
  • Glycerin
  • Hydrogenated polydecene
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Capsicum frutescens fruit extract

The ingredient phenyl trimethicone, derived from silica, helps to conditions the skin. Whereas the substance glycerin moisturizes the skin, but also helps to protect and hydrate it. Hydrogenated polydecene, which is a moisturizing agent, makes the skin silky and smooth. The ingredient capsicum frutescens fruit extract lessen inflammation even though it raises circulation. In addition, this substance lessen pain and creates a feeling of heat. Most of these components are not geared to increasing lip fullness. More of a worry is the absence of patented ingredients that are proven to offer positive outcomes. These ingredients consist of trylagen PCB which re-establishes collagen levels, otherwise volulip that improves volume and firmness. Additionally, to what is not there, an additional worry goes to additives. The ingredient phenoxyethanol, banned in Japan, could lead to detrimental effects if the element is absorbed by the skin. Side effects include kidney damage, initiating reproductive damage, depression, dizziness, headaches, or even nausea.


User instructions for the product Plump It! Volumising Lip Plumper are clear, permitting the end user to reach optimal results. The maker of this product states that the lips should be hydrated before the merchandise is applied by snapping the pen applicator. The manufacturer coaches that the applicator tip should be cleaned after each usage. Consumers are cautioned to expect a burning sensation after each application. Users should pause for five minutes while the product is being absorbed. Subsequently, an additional product, for instance lip gloss, may be applied.

The Cost

This lip enhancer is obtainable online straight from the business’ website. A 3-ml tube with applicator pen demands a purchase price of $25.80. The manufacturer of this product offers a 10% discount if the buyer is prepared to sign up for a subscription service. Though, such plans are tough to call off. No package deals are presented to reward faithful patrons.


The manufacturer offers a two-week period wherein customers may return the merchandise to the maker of this product for a reimbursement. Nevertheless, as part of this pledge, the buyer cannot open or test the merchandise. A 14-day period is inadequate. Since the merchandise cannot be opened without overturning the terms of the guarantee, reviews are advantageous. But, there are not many customer reviews. This does not inspire much confidence in the company’s claims of the value of the merchandise.

Our Review Summary Of Plump It! Volumising Lip Plumper

The merchandise Plump It! Volumising Lip Plumper gives the impression of being a beneficial product. It is supported by a two-week guarantee; user directives are clear. Nevertheless, the guarantee does not permit the customer to trial the product. More so, the absence of clinically proven ingredients is a worry, just as is the addition of key elements that are banned in some nation states as detrimental. There are other comparable products on the market that can offer better quality elements, strong guarantees, in addition striking bundle deals.

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