Written by Tim A. Davis on April 26, 2018
bottle of Potent Organics CLA

Potent Organics CLA - Does It Work?-Review

What is Potent Organics CLA?

Potent Organics' CLA is another addition to the overabundance of muscle and exercise support supplements that have crowded the market. A large majority of these supplements are shoddy scams, inferior competition to the high quality supplements that may go unnoticed. Generally, there are a few ways to determine the quality of supplements in respect to their counterparts. These include a transparent business model, an easy to use website, an affordable price, an all natural formula, a money-back guarantee, and positive reviews and endorsements. These are all things customers tend to look for, and all of them are essential in surviving a competitive online market. Can Potent Organics CLA supplement meet each of the requirements? Read our review below and find out.

Ingredients & How it Works

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid - 750 mg
  • Oleic Acid - 150 mg
  • Palmitic Acid - 30 mg
  • Stearic Acid - 30 mg
  • Linoleic Acid - 10 mg

CLA sends sugar directly to the muscles. This speeds up the fat burning process and improves muscle retention. In addition, CLA Supplement supports the building of lean tissue, allowing for an overall slimming and toning of the body.

Daily Serving

The recommended dosage is taking one capsule twice a day with meals. This supplement has no known side effects. Individuals under the age of 18, as well as nursing and pregnant women, should avoid this product, only taking it after having consulted a doctor.

The Cost

There is only one purchase option available on the website. However, it comes down to a very affordable $21.97 per bottle, with each bottle containing 60 capsules.


There is no guarantee offered for this product.

Our Review Summary of Potent Organics CLA

What stands out most about this product is the price. At only $21.97 for a month's supply, it is much cheaper than most of the competition. Furthermore, the formula for the supplement is made up of all natural ingredients, further bolstering the credibility of this exercise and muscle building supplement. The website also has some good customer reviews (which are of limited value on a product-specific website run by the manufacturer).

And there are a few drawbacks with this product. First, the lack of a guarantee. Customers always look for a guarantee when shopping. Guarantees are, after all, a sign of confidence that a manufacturer has in its product. Second, the opaqueness of the product and company. The website does not contain much information about the product other than that it is a muscle building and exercise supplement. Other websites might have scientific evidence backing up their product, such as a well documented medical study proving the effects and benefits of the product. On this note, Potent Organics' CLA falls short of the competition. In the highly competitive online market, the evidence and sign of confidence in the product an often make the difference in whether or not a product succeeds or is lost in a sea of competitors. Very few websites now don't have a money-back guarantee, and it seems like not having a guarantee and omitting inclusion of any evidence can only hinder, rather than help.

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