Written by Tim A. Davis on April 25, 2018


Several men suffer from pattern baldness and Propecia seeks to rush to their rescue. Unlike its competitors, such as Rogaine, Propecia is not a cream that's applicable topically to thinning areas but instead is a pill to be ingested.

About the Product

Like Viagra, Rogaine's introduction was met with much fanfare, as it represented the first time that a big pharmaceutical company was seeking to address the problem of male pattern baldness. Propecia's introduction witnessed equal enthusiasm among those prospective buyers that were fascinated by the fact that their commitment would be limited to merely swallowing a pill.

How it Works?

Propecia not only claims that the thinning of your hair is likely to halt owing to ingesting the pill, but also that your hair is likely to grow back. While this claim is in no way different from that made by any other company involved in treating the problem of male pattern baldness, Propecia differs from its competitors in backing up its claims with scientific proof and successful results from clinical trials. The very nature of the problem that Propecia claims to treat is sufficient to get the prospective buyer enthused, with literally millions of men suffering the problem of pattern baldness. And when a major pharmaceutical company steps into the ring, they expect a knock out.

How Much it Costs?

A month's dosage of Propecia (a pill a day) will cost you $83, if you buy it on Internet sites that sell it to you if you have a doctor's prescription for it. While many insurance companies don't cover pattern baldness, you would do well to check with your own insurer as to whether they treat pattern baldness as an insurable condition.

How You Make it Work?

Propecia's claim of curing pattern baldness with just a pill a day was too good a promise to resist for many men who bit the bait. But as with any product with a low commitment level, the result seen was not always commensurate with the claim. However, Propecia has received two good reviews -- in every three -- by people who claimed to have witnessed re-growth of hair over five years of using Propecia.

Final Review

As many a 42% of reviewers saw stoppage of hair-fall even if it did not include hair regrowth. When you add those people to the two-thirds of men who experienced re-growth of hair, it implies that almost everybody who uses Propecia is likely to see a positive result. Barring its side effects -- as with most drugs, Propecia has its share -- the product could have been a huge success. The worst part of Propecia's side effects is that those involve sexual dysfunction whether in the form of testicular pain, or ejaculatory disorder or erectile dysfunction. With the ego of many men more dependent on sexual performance than on a hairy pate, the nature of Propecia's side effects has made it tougher to convince buyers to stay the course of treatment. Barring the side effects, the promise of Propecia -- that a pill can stop and even reverse the balding effect in men -- could have been the basic premise of a great product. Especially as, technically speaking, the product has been proved to work. Apart from the side effects, the positive effects of Propecia are also said to stop showing once a user stops ingesting the pill. Nobody would risk endangering his body with exposure to the side effects of Propecia when the drug's effects are likely to disappear within months after after the treatment was stopped.

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