Written by Rita C. Hartman on July 9, 2018

Pushup Pro-Review

If you are into upper body workouts, Pushup Pro might interest you with its promise of putting you in the proper push-up position so as to be able to derive the most beneficial results from the exercise.

About the Product

This isn't the first product to make such a claim. Pushup Pro is trying to compete on price with The Perfect Push-Up that was the first to use this USP to market its product. Jack Zatorski, who became the world push-up champion in 2003, endorses the product which is based on the concept that the most effective push-ups transpire when you allow your arms to rotate, as when throwing a punch, thereby allowing a complete range of motion.

How it Works?

Pushup Pro claims that there is no better way to get an upper body workout, and that the product will help you accomplish wonders within 10 days of beginning to use Pushup Pro. That said, a push-up by itself doesn't constitute a complete upper body workout, though there is no denying its usefulness, in defining your upper body. It mainly exercises the chest and also helps the development of the triceps, the anterior deltoid region of your shoulders, apart from smaller muscles. The company also claims that Pushup Pro is free of the wrist strain that you would normally experience while doing push-ups, a claim that has been corroborated by real users.

How Much it Costs?

The price is the biggest attraction of Pushup Pro and on the company's website, you can get a pair for $16, with no additional charge for shipping. Alternatively, you can buy a unit for about $20 from the local Walmart.

How You Make it Work?

A conventional push-up can cause your arms to get locked into a single position. While this, by itself, will cause no harm, you will end up exercising the same muscles repeatedly. Push-up Pro helps your elbows and shoulders to rotate which is intended to help you work various muscle groups, as opposed to a conventional push-up, in which fewer muscle groups are involved. For instance, the rotary motion of Push-up Pro enables your shoulders to get a better workout, with the many sinews in the shoulder getting engaged by allowing them to rotate. This will lead to your seeing better results than if you did conventional push-ups. Assuming that you began with wall push-ups, and then did the knees-on-the-ground intermediate level, and went on to the next level with knees up, and finally to the legs-raised-with-a-chair routine, the swivel action will get every area of your chest involved in the workout, as opposed to conventional push-ups where only the front portion of your chest gets exercised. Whether or not you use the Push-up Pro, ensure that you continue doing regular push-ups which have benefits with a focus on particular muscle groups. You could even do the conventional push-ups as a warm up before you begin to use Push-up Pro.

Final Review

Overall, Push-up Pro has attracted good reviews from real users. Also, it's very reasonably priced and compares well with the results obtainable from the more expensive Perfect Push Up. While Push-up Pro cannot replace an upper body workout of the kind you can get at a good gym, it's a great piece of equipment to use at home, on off days, when you don't visit the gym, and when you want a lighter workout, involving your triceps, shoulders and chest.

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