Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on August 10, 2018
Radiancy ClearTouch

Radiancy ClearTouch - Does It Work?-Review

What is Radiancy ClearTouch?

In the following review of Radiancy ClearTouch, we focus on discovering more about this product beyond the manufacturer's point of view. This is a nail fungus treatment device that uses light, heat, energy (LHE) phototherapy technology to treat this dermatological condition. This product has been examined by the FDA and is safe and efficient. The technology used by the device removes fungal spores from the toenail in a non-invasive way without the need to remove the toenail.

Ingredients & How It Works

The ClearTouch device utilizes phototherapy technology to cure various medical conditions. The device combines heat and light to make sure the area with the problem is targetted for faster therapeutic treatment. From the information we gathered, no side effects have been reported in association with the device. However, the manufacturer warns against using it during pregnancy. The device is easy to use and does not cause pain to the infected nail or body when used.

Daily Serving

Before using ClearTouch, ensure the device is fully charged (up to five hours), then clean any dirt on the infected nails. Then put the device on the nails intended for treatment, turn on and hold over the infected area for 10 seconds to allow phototherapy to work. Take away the device from the nail when you hear two beeps, and the light turns green. Wait until the green light disappears before pass in onto other nails. The manufacturer recommends that you repeat the process twice a day; morning and evening, for better results.

The Cost

Radiancy's ClearTouch Nail Fungus treatment device costs $189.99. The device comes with a ClearTouch charger and a user's guide. The device can be purchased online through the manufacturer's website.


Customers purchasing the product have 30 days to make a decision whether to return the product or not. If within this period, the customer feels he/she did not get satisfying results, then he/she is free to return the device. The manufacturer assures clients of a 100% refund. This includes a total repayment of the purchase price, initial shipping, and handling costs plus paying for return shipping.

Our Review Summary of Radiancy ClearTouch

From our research, we established that this device works well when it comes to treating nail fungal infections. It does not use chemicals that could affect the nails in a negative way, but it instead balances wavelengths, exposure, and intensity to deal with this bothersome condition. The device is also compact and portable; you can go anywhere with it, without feeling the weight. However, the lack of customer feedback on the website left us with doubts as to its efficacy. We also came across some negative reviews on third-party retail online stores which made us question how well it really works. The percentage of positive reviews is small. We further found out that the results vary from person to another depending on the severity of the condition and the frequency the device was used.

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